Streams of Thought: Too Much of a Good Thing?

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So what do these statistics tell us? On one level, it lends some credence to the scarcity model. We’re inundated with advertisements from every corner of our lives, yet television ads, the ones that we see less frequently, are remembered more. It’s the size versus motion debate all over again, especially since the web’s equivalent of a print ad, the banner ad, has a higher ubiquity but a lower impact when compared to TV, print, and even online video advertisements.

On another level, it brings up an interesting discussion: Has the demand for online content peaked? Although the growth of content will continue over time, as will the increase in quality, do we run the risk of increasing the ineffectiveness of online video ads if people continue to consume content across various mediums and in ever-increasing appetites?

With online video advertisements still stuck in the early-adopter trend—McPheters states that online video advertisement exposure "skewed heavily towards young men"—are we at the cusp of something big, where everyone adopts online video advertisements? Or are we at the cusp of a point where we are left with a glut of ads that may not be as effective as those in less-saturated media?

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