Streaming Forum Preview: Successful Video Distribution and ROI

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Everyone knows that YouTube is the world's largest online video publishing platform, and all too often the success of an online video campaign is defined by the answer to "How many YouTube views did you get?"

But savvy marketers know that, even with YouTube, the old adage "it's quality, not quantity" still applies. At a case study presentation called "Successful Video Distribution and ROI" at this year's Streaming Forum, attendees will hear about two campaigns on opposite ends of the scale: the first, from AGCO, capitalised on the on-going zombie craze to reach more than 100,000 views on YouTube, while the second, from mobile payment service Droplet, received only a fraction of those view numbers—but that was exactly the way the company wanted it.

Lee Kemp, managing director of Vermillion Films, will discuss how his company produced a short film for agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO, promoting the company's tractor safety glass as tough enough to withstand a zombie attack. The film's reach was intended to be both viral and focused; in addition to its own site at, the film was distributed on YouTube and not only achieved the 100,000 view mark in 7 days but also reached number one on YouTube's automotive video charts. All that remains public of the campaign is a "Zombie Lock Down"clip with the text that after one week, "the AGCO Zombies leak was contained." Kemp will talk about not only the production of the film but also the distribution strategy, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation and execution of a successful video marketing campaign for a major global brand.

Steffan Aquarone, an entrepreneur and longtime veteran of the online video space (last year, he wrote an "Online Video Best Practices Guide" for Econsultancy), recently launched the Droplet, a mobile payment app that lets users load money on their phone and pay for goods and services at participating businesses. The company's YouTube campaign in January reeived ony 5,500 views, but 4,000 of them were "very carefully targeted YouTube pre-rolls," according to Aquarone, reaching iOS users in Birmingham, England. Beginning with the phrase "It's sometimes said that not a lot happens in Birmingham," the pre-roll ad resulted in a doubling of Droplet users in Birmingham.

Aquarone says he didn't enter any keywords into AdWords, so the ad itself never appeared in YouTube search, just in front of any content being viewed by iOS users in Birmingham. The ad broke the 15-30-second rule, running a full two minutes, but Aquarone says his analytics reveal that people were "surprisingly willing" to watch the entire clip. What's more, the hyper-local targeting resulted in an average CPV of only £0.09; clickthroughs took viewers directly to the iTunes App Store to download the app.

These two case studies show that the power of YouTube marketing campaigns comes from both scale and targeting, and Kemp and Aquarone will present their results at 14:45 on Tuesday 18 June. Want to hear more? There's still plenty of time to register for Streaming Forum, which will be held 18-19 June at the Park Plaza Victoria in London.

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