Streaming Forum Preview: MPEG-DASH and HEVC Take Center Stage

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When the history of online video technology is written, 2013 will almost certainly be remembered for two major developments in the encoding and delivery of video: MPEG-DASH and HEVC/H.265. So it's no surprise that those topics will be the subject of multiple sessions at the Streaming Forum in London later this month.

Two panel discussions will be devoted entirely to DASH and HEVC. The first—"DASH and HEVC: New Standards Enabling Ultra-High-Quality Video Services"—will feature speakers who have all been involved with the development of the standards or some of their first implementations. Moderated by Christian Timmerer, an assistant professor at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt in Austria where he and his team have provided the world-first open source implementations of the DASH standard (currently integrated in VLC and Mozilla Firefox), the panel will identify issues and possible solutions for the successful deployment of DASH and HEVC from the content, service, and network providers' point of view as well as from device and equipment manufacturers. Other speakers include Thomas Stockhammer, consultant for technical standards at Qualcomm and an active contributor and editor of the DASH standard; Thomas Schierl, head of multimedia communications for Fraunhofer/HHI; Ali C. Begen, lead engineer for video and content platforms research and advanced development group, Cisco; Gilles Teniou, head of video standardisation for Orange; and Bram Tullemans, project manager for software platforms and broadband networks, EBU Technology & Innovation department.

The second panel will be a bit less technical in nature and called "MPEG-DASH and HEVC: Seeing Through the Hype." The goal of this discussion won't be skeptical so much as pracical, hoping to give attendees some sense of how long it will be before we see widespread adoption and the implications for content owners, network operators, and service providers. Moderated by longtime Streaming Media contributor Dom Robinson, what's sure to be a lively discussion will be rounded out by Thomas Kramer, VP of product management for MainConcept GmbH/Rovi; Remi Beaudoin, director of product marketing for ATEME; Eric Rosier, head of telco segment, TV compression for Ericsson; and Boris Felts, VP of product marketing for Envivio.

Dovetailing with that session will be encoding expert Jan Ozer's session "How (and When) to Incorporate H.265 into Your Publishing Workflows." Ozer will look at the quality and efficency gains promised by H.265, as well as discuss the infrastructure requirements and likely royalty implications. Don't make the move to HEVC/H.265 without checking out this session!

Alain Pellen, marketing director for OTT & web TV solutions for Thomson Video Networks, will present "HEVC and OTT: Challenges and Perspectives," a session designed to help operators assess what challenges lie ahead on the road to HEVC deployment, as well as what benefits they can expect to glean by deploying it.

The last session devoted to MPEG-DASH and HEVC (although the topic is sure to come up at many other sessions) is from Niels Thorwith, executive director advanced technolog for Verimatrix. He'll explore "Leveraging MPEG-DASH for Enhanced Revenue Security, looking at how the open DRM scheme allowed for in DASH can help operators solve the vexing problem of rights management in the multi-network, multiscreen universe.

In other words, if you're looking to find out more about MPEG-DASH and HEVC/H.265, there's no better place to do it than at the Streaming Forum. You can find the complete programme here, and a list of all speakers here. There's still plenty of time to register.

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