Streaming Forum Preview: How to Leverage a "Corporate Tube" for Maximum ROI

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When it comes to corporate video communications, there’s an often-heard refrain from vendors that enterprise customers need a “corporate YouTube” for their communications needs. But is there something better, something that goes beyond the consumer-facing factors that make YouTube wildly popular, balancing the need for corporate security while still retaining the ease-of-use that employees have come to expect from consumer-facing portals?

That very question will be explored at the 2014 Streaming Forum during a session called "How to Leverage a 'Corporate Tube' for Maximum ROI." I'll be moderating the session, and I'll be joined by panelists Igor Murphy, digital media & events director for InterCall EMEA; Rob Price, head of digital for Atos UK&I; and Russell Zack, general manager EMEA of Kaltura.

To best understand the need for a "corporate tube" and the overall benefits, it’s best to start with the major premise of enterprise video’s return on investment (ROI).

It’s almost universally accepted that video is an essential learning and collaboration tool, and that proper use of video within a corporate communications infrastructure leads to a more informed and productive workforce.

Yet, for all the talk about knowledge management and just-in-time learningled both by external invited presenters and internal subject matter experts—few organisations have a central place for employees to create content, catch up on missed meetings, or view media created by these external and internal experts.

One way for Streaming Forum attendees to gather knowledge on the topic of "corporate tubes" is to listen to our panelists’ accounts of best practices, as each panelist’s company represents leading implementations for business customers that are leveraging video for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Another way is to share their experience in their own corporation, be it successful or not quite optimal, and then ask our panelists and moderator questions about specific implementation practices. Each of us have years of experience in designing and implementing corporate video communications networks, and the session will include ample question-and-answer time to encourage audience participation.

One topic sure to come up during the session is that of the balance between fully cloud-based solutions and on-prem equipment. For companies that don't already have a "corporate tube" in place, the trend appears to be leaning towards the use of cloud-based solutions.
Yet that generalization is not necessarily a solution for all enterprise customers, as internal policies may require that certain content be held behind the corporate firewall.

In addition, companies with legacy video communications solutions may not want to completely ditch their internal efforts, resulting in a need to deploy a hybrid solution that offers both existing on-prem options for established locations alongside a cloud-based solution for new or expanding corporate satellite offices or emerging markets.

Regardless of your company’s current video solution, the panel will offer a number of ways to leverage best practices and experience from these key speakers. We look forward to welcoming you to our session and to the overall Streaming Forum 2014 event.

Streaming Forum runs 24-25 June at the Park Plaza Victoria in London; "How to Leverage a 'Corporate Tube' for Maximum ROI" will take place on Tuesday, 24 June at 1:45 p.m.

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