Sky Go Debuts, Combines Online and Mobile TV

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Television service Sky announced the rebranding of two existing services as Sky Go, a mobile service available for Windows and Macintosh desktop and laptop computers that streams content to Sky subscribers. An iPhone and iPad app is in development: The service will be available on Apple iOS devices in time for the Premier League football season, Sky announced.

At the same time, Sky announced that it's freezing subscription prices until at least September, 2012. This good-will move was done to give subscribers peace of mind while other bills are going up, the company said. 

The mobile Sky Go service will be free to all customers. Sky Go combines two existing services: Sky Player (the company's streaming video service) and Sky Mobile TV (its mobile TV services). The two are now combined and rebranded as Sky Go.

Desktop and laptop users will be able to stream over 30 live channels, including all five Sky Sports channels, Sky Movies, Sky News, Sky 1, MTV, Disney, and more. Mobile devices will initially be limited to the five Sky Sports channels, ESPN, and Sky News, although additional channels will be added over time.

Beginning in August, those who don't subscribe to Sky's home service will be able to purchase Sky Go subscriptions, with prices ranging from £15 to £40.

Earlier this year, Sky purchased public Wi-Fi network The Cloud, and in time that wireless service will support Sky Go.

"Clearly the consumer appetite is there, and it's growing. In responding to that, and to create even more value, choice, and flexibility for our customers, we are now going to offer online and mobile access to Sky content at no extra charge. The future support of a nationwide Wi-Fi network will help us supercharge that experience further still," said Stephen van Rooyen, deputy managing director of Sky's Customer Group.

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