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Hopefully, you've noticed that in recent weeks we've been publishing more breaking news than ever before on Today we added a new Featured News section to the site that will be home to that content. You can also subscribe to our Featured News RSS feed here to be notified when we post new stories.

The technical stories, how-to articles, commentary, and analysis we've long featured will reside in the Featured Articles section of the site, as will articles from Streaming Media magazine. If you received this article in your RSS reader, you'll continue to get notified of new Featured Articles. To also be notified of Featured News, please sign up for a new RSS feed.

We'll also continue to publish noteworthy press releases on the site in the section called Industry Announcements, which appears in the left-hand column underneath headlines from Dan Rayburn's Business of Online Video blog. We'll continue to accept press releases via the online form, but you can also send press releases directly to me at

And, as always, all of the news, article, and press release content will continue to be featured in the biweekly Streaming Media Xtra and Streaming Media Global Xtra enewsletters.

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