Improving the Quality of Experience with MPEG-DASH Ultra HD

How can publishers ensure that their viewers are getting a TV-like experience with MPEG-DASH video? At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, experts from Qualcomm and Bitmovin explained the finer points of QoE for DASH.

"How can the DASH standard or standardized formats have to increase the quality, once there is some kind of metrics or logging functionality at the client that gives you means to communicate to another instance -- a logging server or whatever -- what's going on in the client side?" asked Christian Timmerer, CIO for Bitmovin. "In DASH there is an Annex D which is a normative definition of semantics for these metrics according to different observation points. If you have the DASH access client -- that basically is the one that issues the HTTP request -- and gets the responses and hands that over to what we call here a DASH-enabled application, which then in the end feeds into a display for rendering purposes or whatever."

That logging includes timing information requests from the network side.

"So the first observation point is more about what's coming in from the network side starting from the HTTP layer and everything that is below," Timmerer continued. "Typically, HTTP is implemented on TCP, so you have everything that comes with TCP and the HTTP request response messages that can be logged here like when a request has been issued, when the response is coming. It's more or less the timing information."

For more in-depth info on QoE for DASH, watch the full video below.

Ultra HD Quality of Experience with MPEG- DASH

A comprehensive overview of MPEG-DASH including where we are headed in getting to Ultra HD distribution, for which UHD content is one cornerstone. We provide a definition for Quality of Experience for UHD MPEG-DASH- based services, and evaluate the QoE for UHD MPEG-DASH-based services.

Presenters Thomas Stockhammer, Consultant, Technical Standards, Qualcomm
Christian Timmerer, CIO | Head of Research and Standardisation at bitmovin and Assoc. Prof. at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, bitmovin

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