Dell: Merging Unified Communications and Corporate Video

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Unified communications technologies are expanding to serve a wider audience, often overlapping with the role of the corporate video communications team. The challenge, explained Paul Merry, enterprise communication and collaboration architect at Dell, is to understand the role of each.

"There's an underlying theme here, which is a trend I'm seeing which is there is an almost accidental convergence in some areas," said Marry, speaking at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London. "Coming to this event today it struck me how close some of the discussions and the technologies are, but actually some very different organizations working in a very similar field. The same is true for broadcasting at large scale, because what I'm seeing is perhaps an organization you have a traditional group of people who would webcast out, who would be highly trained, very specialist in broadcasting to a large audience, and actually on the UC platform you've got a very different group of people who are now starting to broadcast to an increasingly large audience, but there's still a slight separation between those two historic teams."

The architects in charge of expanding unified communications tools need to understand that some jobs should fall to the broadcast team.

"The technical challenge I observe there is when my team is designing a platform, we've got to not try and make the UC platform do something if the broadcast platform is more traditionally better for it -- better scaled, more appropriate, et cetera," Marry said. "So absolutely seeing that blurring, but I'm not sure everyone is really consciously aware that they are overlapping between the two areas."

To hear more about this area, watch the full panel discussion below.

Corporate Audience Participation Technologies

Industry-leading experts discuss the best ways to combine unified communications technologies for wider audience participation in internal and external corporate video communications, highlighting the implications of WebRTC.

Moderator Simon Frusher, Director of EMEA Operations, TalkPoint

Presenters Paul MacKenzie, Business Development Manager, Vega Technology

Paul Merry, Enterprise Communications & Collaboration Architect, Dell

Bob Young, VC and Media Specialist, IFRS Foundation

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