Channel 4 Embraces IP Delivery to Attract Younger Viewers

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Streaming isn't just an attractive extra for broadcasters nowadays; it's essential for reaching and engaging with a broader audience.

Speaking at the recent Streaming Media Europe show in London, Kate Quilton, multiplatform commissioner for documentaries and specialist factual for Channel 4, told how and why the network is embracing online delivery.

"We're really into multiplatform at Channel 4," Quilton said. "We have a band of multiplatform commissioning editors I'm the one for factual, but we have one in entertainment, we have one in comedy, in drama, in features and fact, and then news and current affairs. The important thing for us is that we're exploring new types of content, really. We're creating new types of telly whereby the online is integral to the TV, and ultimately if you stripped out the online the TV would cease to exist."

Using IP delivery has helped Channel 4 create new projects and engage with a desirable audience.

"Over the last year, we've got really into the natural history in a new way, really. Channel 4 could never ever compete with the BBC making these luxurious, beautiful natural history films that cost £8 million and take 10 years to make. We're never going to compete in that market because the BBC are doing it and doing it absolutely brilliantly," Quilton said. "Gold stars all around. What we're interested in is doing natural history in a bit of a Channel 4 way so it always has a bit of an edge."

Watch the video below to hear how IP delivery is helping Channel 4 reach younger viewers.

Streaming Media as an Essential Complement to Broadcasting

Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko
Craig Moehl, Managing Director, Groovy Gecko
Kate Quilton, Multiplatform Commissioner, Documentaries and Specialist Factual, Channel 4

More and more broadcasters are looking to foster a deeper relationship with their viewers to ensure a richer experience for their online and broadcast audiences. The challenges are not just in ensuring that the various platforms complement each other, but also how they punctuate the experience and support editorial content both during and between transmissions. This session will look at ways in which Channel 4 is at the forefront in leveraging streaming media as an essential complement to major TV events, across a wide variety of platforms, to further engage audiences.

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