Challenges of OTT Cloud Migration

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Magnus Svensson: We'll talk about the OTT workflow. And that is quite a wide area and wide topic. So we decided early on to focus our discussions from ingest in the beginning, transcoding, packaging, through DRM, throughout the distribution part and two of the clients and players. That's the area we'll cover. And on our first part of the agenda, we'll go through each of the steps and talk a little bit about where we see the challenges and where we see the parts where you can really optimize and ensure that you have a stable workflow. So, starting from the ingest, transcoding, packaging part, what's your experience there Vinay? Where do you see the challenges and where do you see the efficiencies to be made?

Vinay Gupta: Being a traditional broadcaster,you're never in a position that ... We started everything from cloud. So we have a lot of hybrid stuff still, but we are on a journey in lot of ways, and some of the workflows and the way I always try to explain it to people, we have lot of workflows, and we have single calls, streaming workflows, and all. So some of those workflows, a good chunk, we have migrated onto cloud, and we are very happy. What we are seeing is now, the journey to the cloud has had some roadblocks because we realise, some of the stuff is not that mature, but some of that is, and a lot is hybrid in nature. So some of our transcoding farms are still running on the on-prem tech very soon to be migrated into cloud. So it's hybrid in that way. We very actively see cloud as a future thing. But are we there? I would say it will take another few years until we get there fully, and then optimize enough to provide the playback experience we want to give to consumers. So that's where we are.

Magnus Svensson: I was hoping that we'd be there a little bit quicker, but I agree with you, it's still a year or two away. How about you, James? You're partnering up with quite some vendors when it comes to encoding, packaging. What trends do you see, and what challenges do you see there?

James Hynard: I think I actually echo what Vinay was saying--especially in the broadcast space, the technology isn't there necessarily for them to move a hundred percent to the cloud. And this is where castLabs are actually coming from: We're trying to enable the movement towards the cloud through multiple different technologies. And again, the issue of convergence as well comes in, so moving away from proprietary technologies and making the most of what's already out there. And so this is actually quite the philosophy that we take at castLabs and build upon these open-source, open-standard solutions as well as working with partners, as you mentioned, to build out this good workflow and solutions to then make it easier to adopt the cloud.

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