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Pfaffenkopfstr. 25
Saarbrucken 66125

Phone: +49 (0) 6897 1717 92
Fax: +49 (0) 6897 1717 93
Web site: http://www.motama.com
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Motama offers software-defined products for IP-based media processing, either as turn-key software/hardware products or software-only products for installation in the cloud.

Our server products provide a complete solution for live content.

DVB gateways/headends
Transcoders for adaptive streaming
Ad replacement and video overlays
Content contribution and distribution
Internet/OTT streaming servers

IPTV | Internet/OTT | CDN | Telco | Mobile | Hospitality | Corporate

Product Description

TVCaster is an integrated DVB receiver, descrambler, remultiplexer, and IPTV server for converting DVB to IP.

CodecCaster offers a high-performance real-time transcoding solution for live IP streams. The world-class encoder of CodecCaster allows for greatly reducing bandwidth requirements of streams while keeping to the original quality, which makes CodecCaster the ideal tool for supporting multiple devices and screens, and adaptive streaming at different bitrates.

AdCaster is our solution for regional and targeted replacement of adverts for IPTV and OTT.

RelayCaster servers enable optimized transmission of live IP streams across long distances - and this by only relying on cost-effective public Internet infrastrucutre. With RelayCaster, reliability and data rates of distributing live content can be greatly improved, and packet loss issues can be solved efficiently. RelayCaster allows to replace expensive satellite links or expensive contracts with CDN service providers.

PolyCaster is a streaming server for live content serving PC browsers, mobile phones, tablets, and set-top boxes.

Online Resources
  • Scalable Infrastructures supporting OTT and IPTV in Hospitality, Health Care, and Corporate Networks
    Live TV over IP networks (IPTV) is an important service for hospitality, health care and corporate networks. While realizing such a service for a single site represented with a single local area network is well-understood, different approaches exist for serving a larger number of sites. This White Paper presents three different approaches for providing this service.
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for Live TV Streaming
    This White Paper presents Motama's solutions for building and running a streamlined and cost-effective Content Delivery Network (CDN) based on public Internet infrastructure as backbone for IPTV/OTT services, such as live TV in telecommunication networks, Web TV, Internet TV, Over-The-Top TV, or live streaming of arbitrary audio/video content. The major building blocks are introduced, namely TVCaster, CodecCaster, RelayCaster together with RelayCaster Streaming Protocol (RCSP), and PolyCaster. A practical case study is shown, which demonstrates how to set up a complete self-managed CDN within one hour.
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