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Fans of BBC programming are now able to create online libraries of their favorite shows and specials. Mobile apps are coming soon.
With Parrot's demand ratings, broadcasters and OTT providers can measure the popularity of content streamed from any service.
More channels are creating over-the-top direct-to-consumer subscription services, changing the meaning of what a channel is and what it provides.

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HbbTV 2.0: Could This Standard Become the Future of Television? The next version of HbbTV is bringing a much more powerful toolset with it, and has the potential to change the current worldwide television landscape. Fri, November 20, by Nicolas Weil
The Coming Disruption: Uncapped Mobile Will Be Unstoppable Online access could look greatly different in the near future. No industry is too big to fail, and that includes today's biggest telecommunications companies. Fri, November 20, by Dom Robinson
Apple Loses Innovation Edge in Video; Now Amazon Takes the Lead What happened to Apple as an innovator? For truly innovative streaming video hardware and software, look at what Amazon is doing. Fri, November 20, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
Choosing a Capture Card for Multicamera Live Production To choose the best capture card for mixing live events with PC-based software, pursue a multi-part analysis. This article teaches shoppers the crucial features to look for. Fri, November 20, by Jan Ozer
The 2015 Streaming Media Europe 101 This year's list features 21 new entrants, highlighting an industry that's not only thriving but growing faster than ever. Fri, November 13, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
The Influence of Emerging Markets on the AdTech Landscape Adtech companies should learn from financial trading hubs as they build out global networks Tue, November 10, by Bryan Hill
If Taylor Swift Doesn’t Like Free Streaming, Then Turn Her Off Taylor Swift pulled off a publicity stunt when she complained about free music services. Maybe the industry needs a way to stop her from cheapening its technology. Fri, November 06, by Dom Robinson
Review: Libcast, an OVP for Small Business and Higher Education This French online video platform offers strong customization and is priced right for budget-minded companies. Read on to learn what essential features it lacks. Thu, November 05, by Jan Ozer
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To respond to the needs of its enterprise and media customers, Deutsche Telekom looks far into the future.
With metadata, 4K, and a growing number of formats, video files are taking more room than ever. Coraid offers a solution that grows with a company's needs.
Offering a variety of streaming solutions for both inside and outside the firewall, Qbrick knows how to stream high-quality content to any location.

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The 2015 Enterprise Video Superguide Gold Sponsors: Kaltura, Hive Silver Sponsor: Epiphan Video

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