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Mäster Samuelsgatan 42
12th Floor

Stockholm SE-111 57

Phone: +46 73 612 6840
Web site: https://www.edgeware.tv/

Edgeware supplies operators and content providers with systems to deliver modern TV services that are “beyond broad­cast”.

With OTT becoming the main delivery strategy for streaming TV content, Edgeware offers solutions for content processing including subtitling, multi-CDN delivery control and CDN infrastructure. Edgeware facilitates the new way of consuming TV, and enables content capitalization, an amazing viewing experience, and scalability even for big live sports events.

Edgeware has more than 200 customers and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with staff across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

For further information, please visit www.edgeware.tv.

Product Description

Edgeware provides a cost efficient and scalable solution for originating, repackaging and delivering TV and video content with the highest quality over the internet, and offers tools to create and protect revenues.

Online Resources
  • Why Edgeware? - Solution Brief
    Edgeware explains why and how you can build your own origin and TV CDN, helping you to deliver an amazing viewing experience, scale cost-effectively and gain insight.
  • Cloud Native Origin - Solution Brief
    Implementing the right origin solution for your OTT TV service will ensure that you have: 1. A glitch-free viewing experience that can surpass broadcast TV 2. Flexibility to adapt your service and its reach on demand 3. Ability to maximize your advertising revenue
  • StreamPilot - Multi CDN Control
    Edgeware’s StreamPilot controls, manages and measures the delivery of streamed media, independently of which CDN it is delivered from. Agnostic to the clients, StreamPilot measures and manages all streams between the CDN and the client down to individual sessions. This allows you to optimize quality of experience (QoE) and reduce delivery cost in a multi CDN environment.
  • Deliver Big Live OTT Events Glitch-Free - Solution Brief
    Live streaming of large OTT events is a huge challenge. Edgeware allows you to manage the critical onboarding phase, ensuring a high quality, low latency viewer experience.
  • Cavena Subtitling
    Adding subtitles to your content – either translating the language of the audio or providing assistance for hard of hearing viewers – is often an important requirement, and these subtitles need to be displayed at the same high quality as your content. Edgeware can now make subtitling easy with our Cavena solutions. Cavena’s technology delivers high quality subtitles to all screens and clients, using Optical Character Recognition to convert subtitles from image to text formats, which provide a much higher quality experience for OTT viewers. The system can also transcode subtitle formats with one subtitle format in, transcoded within milliseconds, and another format sent out.
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