Streaming Media Europe 2007
4 - 5 October 2007 - (Preconference Workshops: Wednesday, 3 October 2007)
Copthorne Tara Hotel London, UK
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Thursday, 4 October 2007

09.00 - 10.00
Welcome & Keynote: Advertising in a Fragmented Video Environment
Ari Paparo, Product Director, Advertiser Products, DoubleClick
Ad supported in-stream video is the future of online entertainment, but how will the media business effectively sell this inventory? And how will advertising agencies view the fragmenting distribution channels for video monetization? If you buy ads against the same video content on five different platforms, how can you tell the differences in audience and the ultimate value of the buys? Come hear from Ari Paparo at DoubleClick who has been helping to shape the future of the online video advertising industry.

10.00 - 10.30
Coffee Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
10.30 - 11.30
A101: Streaming Meda: What is it Worth to Sports Rights Holders
Bradley Howard, VP Client Services, IMG World
As technology evolves it has never been as easy to stream media as it is now, offering sports rights holders such as Manchester United FC, the European Tour and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships a golden opportunity to reach a wider, global audience. But are these global sports brands making the most of these opportunities, and where will it lead? To answer these questions, Bradley will focus on the progress brands such as Wimbledon have made, and explore what it is that sports rights holders want out of streaming media, and what they are currently getting. 

The Broadband Video Opportunity for Sports and Media Content Owners
Kevin Quinn, Founder and Head of Sports & Media, Servecast
The presentation will address the critical issues facing sports clubs and organisations, TV broadcasters and media content owners with respect to their new media strategies. The presentation will centre on the new media landscape for sport and media, online video search engine strategies, the emerging role of mobile video and the opportunities of integrating online gambling. Case Studies from FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Sky News, Virgin Media and FOX will be demonstrated.

B101: The Need for Standards in Internet Radio
Alan Ogilvie, Interactive Platforms Producer, Distribution Technologies, Audio & Music Interactive, BBC
With the advent of WiFi radios and the consumption of Internet radio content on devices other than a desktop/home computer and the 'visualisation of radio’, it is important to consider the issues around an emerging market which remains relatively unstandardised. This makes it difficult to deliver supporting content eg. LiveText, Slideshow images, video. We must also consider something which radio traditionally hasn’t had: a 'back channel' provided by the Internet connectivity of the devices. What's the potential here?

11.45 - 12.30
A102: Streaming Video Content To Mobile: What Works Technically and Commercially
Moderator: Jeremy Flynn, CEO, D2see
Mark Wilson, Commercial Director, Astream
Bob Sanders, VP, Sales and Business Development, Ortiva Wireless
Paul Tarplee, Managing Director, Twofour Digital
There has been much hype around Mobile TV, but is it really working in streaming video content to mobiles? Which content genres work commercially? How can one reach consumers without being on the operator portal? Understand the genres that work on mobile; understand that there is an ecosystem of players to help them mobilise content IP.

B102: Shooting For Video Streaming
Jan Ozer, Owner, Streaming Learning Center
 This session will demonstrate the fundamentals of shooting for high quality streaming. Topics explored include shooting progressive vs interlaced; how lighting and backlighting impacts quality; choosing the optimal background and clothing; and shooting for greenscreen and virtual sets.

12.30 - 13.45
Lunch Break
13.45 - 14.30
A103: Realising the Vision of Enterprise Video Communications
Lars Aarup Jensen, Head of Corporate Communications, Jyske Bank
In today’s fiercely competitive retail banking market, success hinges upon a distinctive customer experience. In this presentation, Lars Aarup Jenson, head of corporate communications at Jyske Bank, will detail how Denmark’s second largest independent bank used enterprise video communications to transform its customer interactions and internal communications.

Enterprise Streaming: Lowering Costs and Improving Communications with Video
Christopher Miles, Sr. Manager, Intranet Communication & Collaboration, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Today, more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies use some form of live or on-demand streaming technology. Enterprise streaming is proving its value as a powerful, convenient and affordable way to broaden learning opportunities, improve communications and increase productivity. While the media highlights consumer-streaming applications, streaming in enterprise is where the serious adoption began and where the business value is tangible. This session explores strategies that are important to streaming in the corporate environment.

B103: Is P2P the answer to Large Scale Video Delivery?
Moderator: Dan Rayburn, Streaming Media Magazine's European Edition
George Meek, Vice President Future TV, Brightcove
Jorg Nonnenmacher, CEO, Castify Networks
Mikkel Dissing, Co-Founder & CEO, Rawflow
With the recent offerings by BitTorrent, VeriSign, Joost and others, is legal P2P finally ready for primetime? This panel of content owners and technology experts will discuss whether P2P will finally revolutionise online video distribution. They will discuss whether the cost savings advantage with P2P is real; how P2P will translate into a competitive advantage; how P2P distribution may affect networks and CDNs; and what some of the potential problems are that P2P technology may face from the telco's. Come and hear the debate on whether P2P is the answer to the fundamental capacity limitations for large-scale video audiences for today's Internet.

14.45 - 15.30
A104: Advertising In IPTV and Internet TV Environments
Danny ONeill, Creative Director, BDP Creative
Kevin Petillo, Head of Digital Strategy, BDP Creative
This presentation will discuss some existing and future examples of advertising in IPTV/Internet environments, pointing out the range of opportunities and the costs and revenues associated with producing such campaigns. In addition, we will provide a detailed case study on how to develop and launch a free to air ad lead IPTV model based on Your The session will include delivery platform, content offering, business model and marketing techniques.

B104: Beyond Pre-Roll: What’s Next for Online Video Advertising?
Moderator: Ian Blaine, CEO, thePlatform
Jens Loeffler, Senior Technical Evangelist, Adobe Primetime
Jonathan Milne, Senior Director, Sales & Operations EMEA, Ooyala
Steve Wind-Mozley, General Manager Nedstat UK, Nedstat
Tony Martin, SVP Europe, ROO
As video advertising evolves in the coming months and years, technologies and business models will naturally extend beyond those in practice today. Sponsorships in the form of product placement and brand ‘overlays’, pre-roll teasers that encourage post-roll clicks and other creative techniques, more effective use of in-banner video, creation of standards and best practices, identifying key performance metrics, establishing content syndication models, affiliate marketplaces and other distribution and monetisation strategies - these are just a few of the challenges and opportunities that face the online advertising industry in 2007 as it establishes a foundation for video advertising that will help shape the future of the broader consumer advertising industry.

15.30 - 16.00
Coffee Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
16.00 - 17.00
A105: TV 2.0: Bridging Broadcast and Broadband
Noel Matthews, VP of Business Development, Tandberg
As television evolves into a more personalised, multi-platform, on-demand experience there is a need to reset the standard for video quality on television and the Internet. Learn how driving cross-platform scalability and empowering new business relationships between traditional television and TV 2.0 players will allow for everyone to benefit. 

Conversion, Compression and Reframing Video for IPTV and Mobile TV Platforms
Joe Zaller, VP of Marketing, Snell & Wilcox
Online and mobile video services present a lucrative opportunity to monetise content across a wide range of platforms. But the task of repurposing content for a proliferating number of formats and standards remains a major technical challenge. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the conversion, compression and reframing processes that are needed to eliminate the boundaries between traditional video formats and streaming TV platforms, including mobile TV, and look how these can be implemented in ways that maximise the ability of dynamic IPTV and mobile video providers to effectively transform and monetise content.

B105: How to Choose the Right Media Format for Video
Dan Rayburn, Streaming Media Magazine's European Edition
It’s been more than 10 years since streaming media technology was first used on the Internet, yet today there is still no single standard format for video delivery. Multiple formats such as Windows Media, Flash, Real and QuickTime compete more than ever, each trying to win over content creators. What is the true market penetration for each format? What do you need to know to choose the right format? This presentation will break through the marketing hype to inform, educate and empower you to select the right format for your application and details the advantages and disadvantages between the Flash and Windows Media formats.

Friday, 5 October 2007

09.00 - 10.00
Welcome & Keynote: Monetising Online Video Content
Oliver Slipper, CEO, Premium TV
Digital entertainment offers the opportunity to engage consumers on a multitude of devices, creating new opportunities to market, sell, boost ratings and increase customer loyalty. Come hear Oli Slipper from Premium TV’s talk about how the demand for digital media of all types has already witnessed considerable growth and looks set to increase. Slipper will give an insight into how organisations can successfully monetise their media assets online and showcase some of the media and entertianment content on the web today.

10.00 - 10.30
Coffee Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
10.30 - 11.30
A201: Consumer-Generated Video Sites
Moderator: Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko
Claus Moseholm, Partner and Co-Founder, GoViral
Derek Hemphill, Business Portal Manager, BT
Howard Kosky, Managing Director, Markettiers4dc
Consumer-generated video was a big story in 2006 and continues to be so in 2007. From the largest media companies to garage-bound startups, it seems that everyone is incorporating user-generated content and community into their business plans. But questions still remain: will business models emerge to drive profitability? Will marketers embrace this new type of media? Is UGC all a bubble waiting to burst? Come and hear why social networking and UGC, in particular, have been repeatedly touted as both the biggest threat and opportunity for the PR and marketing industries.

B201: Creating Compelling Content: Making it look like Television
Jonathan Booth, Founder and Creative Director, The Internet Video Company
Anyone can stream video, but unless the content looks and feels like broadcast television, your audience will judge you on poor presentation and your message will be lost. This session examines what makes compelling content, how to make your video look like TV, and how to use your budget efficiently. If you’re a company with something to say, bring your questions for an interactive discussion and learn how to deliver your message in the most compelling way.

11.45 - 12.30
A202: The Growth of Online Video for Sponsorship and Marketing
Steve Garvey, Chairman and CEO, World Television Group PLC
This presentation will focus on the growth of online video with particular reference to the sales and marketing sector. Learn the background information about recent trends and technologies in online video production and the opportunities they present today. Come and see first-hand examples of how Nokia and Ford have used online video to enhance their communications strategies and learn how they measured the effectiveness of their projects in reaching their target markets.

B202: Solving Business Problems with Webcasting
Moderator: Val-Pierre Genton, Chair, IAB UK B2B Council, Media Head, BrightTALK
Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, Online Communications Director, Banner
John Barnes, Deputy Managing Director, Incisive VNU
Pauline Bush, Head of Marketing, Artemis
Sales and marketing departments are discovering webcasting as an ideal and novel medium to build their brand online and connect with their buyers. Whether it is live or recorded, audio or video, webcasting in the B2B landscape is fast becoming the problem-solving tool. This round table discussion will look at various business problems that are being solved using the webcasting medium such as brand-building, thought leadership and lead generation. The panel will give best practice advice on audio and video webcasting formats and vendor selection criteria. In addition, the panel will explore who needs to 'buy into' webcasting within the organisation.

12.30 - 13.45
Lunch Break
13.45 - 14.30
A203: Corporate Communications Across Convergent Media
Moderator: Derek Ray-Hill, Commercial Director, International Visual Communications Association
Charles Paintin, Creative Director, Crown Business Communications
Claudi Schneider, Client Services Manager, Take 3
With the pace of media convergence increasing, there is a gathering consensus about what this means for corporate messaging. In a round table forum, leading producers, consultants and clients will discuss how these trends can be used effectively. Learn how to create believable content in the new world of participatory media, when to encourage a two-way dialogue and what story-telling dynamics have changed in a ‘non sequential’ world. This session will have a strong focus on the latest to date and feedback from successful projects that have been implemented in organisations across UK and Europe.

B203: Flash Live Video Primer
Stefan Richter, Managing Director, FlashComGuru, Scribblar and muchosmedia
In this compressed version of his pre-conference workshop Stefan Richter will demonstrate Flash's live video capabilities. You will learn how the technology is being used today and what is involved to leverage this popular platform, including a look at some of Flash's interactive features to engage your audience.

14.30 - 15.00
Coffee Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
15.00 - 16.00
A204: Delivering on the Three Screen Video Experience
Moderator: Eric Petajan, CTO, VectorMAX Corporation
Jason Klein, President and co-CEO, Special Ops Media
Oisin Lunny, Product Manager, CDN, Streaming and Media Services, Interoute
Simon Drinkwater, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Limelight Deploy
Digital entertainment offers the opportunity to engage consumers on a multitude of devices, creating new opportunities to market, sell, boost ratings and increase customer loyalty. Speed to market and the quality of the service delivered often define success. This session will discuss how content creators can best prepare today to take advantage of the opportunities created by the rapid growth of new media audiences. Learn which business models are most likely to work and why a cross-platform approach to the business of new media is essential.

B204: From the Web to your TV: New Media Delivery Revolution
Moderator: Steve Pattison, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Qumu, Inc.
Jon Folland, Director, Co-Founder, Nativ
Stephen Trainor, VP, Strategy, Level 3 Communications, LLC
AppleTV, TiVo, Slingbox and a host of other hardware and software products are starting to deliver new media content from the Web to TVs. Learn what latest devices are being used to deliver consumer content and find out how content creators big and small are utilising these new tools. Also discussed will be how online content is being treated differently from traditional broadcast content and what potential business models are being created for the monetisation of consumer content.

16.15 - 17.00
A205: Creating Compelling Video and Efficient Delivery
Louise Clements, Communications Manager, O2
Pete Stevenson, Creative Director, The Edge Picture Company
We all know that video can really work to engage internal audiences. But neither compelling video content nor efficient delivery is enough on its own. You need to make sure that it gets to your people in the most appropriate, memorable way. At the same time you need to make sure that what they see is worthwhile; that’s why you need to grab their attention and keep it short. This session will highlight a case study by O2 and show how they created compelling content and ensured its delivery.

B205: IPTV vs Content on Demand
Moderator: Matteo Berlucchi, CEO, Livestation
Alex Wolfe, CEO, Astream
Iolo Jones, Founder, CSO, IPTVTimes
Steve Shakespeare, UK & Ireland Consumer and Digital Home Manager, Intel Corporation
Widespread broadband access has created a new channel for content delivery to the consumer, challenging traditional TV broadcasting and opening up opportunities for new delivery business models. The front-runners are IPTV Broadcasting and content-on-demand and the pros and cons of each are hotly debated. However, can the development of devices and hardware in the home keep up with the content and network technology? Today’s demanding consumers would certainly not accept poor streaming or picture quality. Come and learn what the wider technology community is doing to meet this challenge and contribute to the ubiquitous adoption of these delivery models?


Ari Paparo
Product Director, Advertiser Products
Oliver Slipper
Premium TV

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