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Radiant Media Player
255 avenue Joseph Villevieille
Port Royal Bat. A

Aix en Provence 13100

Web site: https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com
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At Radiant Media Player we love web video. We provide a fast and fully-featured HTML5 media player that embraces the way we consume media content in our digital age: everyday, everywhere, on every device. Display live, DVR and on-demand media content with HLS or MPEG-DASH and monetize your content with our advanced video ads solution. Go secure with DRM, fancy with 360 video or custom with our powerful API.

Product Description
Radiant Media Player key features:
- HLS and MPEG-DASH playback
- Live, DVR or on-demand streaming
- Advanced video ads solution
- Cross-browser, cross-device HTML5 player with unified UI
- Powerful JavaScript API 
- DRM and AES-128
- 360 video
- Client-side video-centric analytics
- Multi-language audio tracks and WebVTT closed captions
- Playlist and related layout
- Business friendly licensing model with unlimited monthly player starts
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