Streaming Media Europe 2011
The Business & Technology Of Online Video
18 - 19 October 2011 - (Preconference Workshops: Monday, 17 October 2011)
Virtual London, UK
Mr Phil Haggar
Founder and Director

Phil has founded (and sold) several streaming companies. He worked as board director for award-winning broadcast company Twofour (now part of the UK's ITV), growing its technology business to include solutions for BBC iPlayer and HBO, amongst many others. He has delivered literally hundreds of live webcasts, from Glastonbury to the Queen of England's jubilee and years of Prime Minister's Question Times. He's experienced more or less every type of technical failure possible in over 20 years of live outside broadcasts and streaming. He has personally taken 2 major TV channels off air, helped bring down a CDN while streaming the Reading Music Festival (much to the delight of the client, surprisingly) and is admirably placed to advise on what not to do in live streaming. He now works as a streaming and broadcast consultant, and recently served on the BAFTA Digital Strategy committee for 2 years.

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Ian Mecklenburgh
Director, Consumer Platforms and Devices
Virgin Media
Oliver Heckmann
Engineering Director
YouTube Europe

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