Online Video Strategies 2011
Wednesday, 19 October 2011
Virtual London, UK
Mr Steve Plunkett
Director, Technology and Innovation
Red Bee Media

Steve has spent much of his successful career looking ahead. Most recently Chief Architect of the Future Solutions Group at Motorola, he specialised in next generation solutions for the mobile, internet and fixed telecom markets. Now at Red Bee Media, he’s leading our product and technology team as we seek to navigate our clients’ course through the changing media landscape. Analysing and predicting key industry trends, his job in a nutshell, is to tell us ‘what’s next’; then to ensure that we effectively develop and monetise it. That’s some challenge given the speed with which media technologies are converging and evolving. Yet Steve firmly believes we have the all the talent and expertise necessary, to play a powerful role in the new media world order.

Online Video Strategies 2011
Wednesday, 19 October 2011
2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. 

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