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Dr Mike Saville Howarth
eLearning Consultant
Director Mike Howarth Associates

Mike Howarth facilitates academics who see the potential of learning resources that improve engagement.
Drawing on a career that spans both education broadcasting via a PhD to university lecturer, and tutor, he uses practical activities that develop a creative mind-set for fast-track development of effective online resources. The video camera is his current hand's-on tool of choice, to promote the skills of education media making and academic activity through the idea of ' the media savvy academic '.

UCL induction lecture for INnternational Studetns september 2012

Routledge: Teaching and Learning Online 2nd Edition in Press
Chapter: Metaphor and neuroscience: implications for online learning


Radio Broadcast presenter and producer, many associated public presentations. Conferences Howarth, M. S. (2011). Metaphor, embodied learning and WBL. Work Based Learning Futures V Conference. University of Derby. Howarth, M. S. (2011). Neuroscience & metaphor: implications for e-learning, [poster] Research in Distance Education October 26, Centre for Distance Education, University of London?Howarth, M. S. (2010). The Self-Editor: a strategy for improving reflective writing. Middlesex Annual Learning and Teaching Conference Engaging the Digital Generation in Academic Literacy. Hendon

Streaming Forum 2013

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Streaming Forum 2013


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