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Royal London House
153/155 Armada Way

Plymouth Devon PL1 1HY

Phone: +44 (0) 800 031 4352
Web site: www.vualto.com

VUALTO are experts in cloud based OTT Video Delivery & Orchestration, developing streaming solutions on a global scale. With two key products, the VUALTO CONTROL HUB (VCH) video orchestration tool & VUDRM Digital Rights Management, VUALTO deliver an adaptable, scalable & intelligent video delivery solution, taking your content from camera, right through to your chosen users, on multi devices.

Working globally, VUALTO develop video solutions for a host of industries to include: Broadcasters, Sports, Governments, Media & Entertainment, OTT Service Providers and Telecoms & Operators.

Product Description


Video orchestration & delivery with simple and comprehensive control of all live, VOD and Live2VOD activity through a central API & GUI. The VCH video orchestration platform is completely agnostic, allowing broadcasters and content owners to manage all aspects of their video streaming workflow in one central place. Developed specifically for media workflows, the VCH platform includes: encoders, streaming servers, workflow rules, DRM and player integration all under one hood.

  • LIVE STREAMING: Comprehensive workflow management of live channels, from encoder and streaming server configuration to distribution.
  • VOD STREAMING: Supports complex VOD preparation and delivery workflows via our VOD Task Engine tool. Highly scalable, the Task Engine deals with the ingest, packaging and output of VOD, together with call back to client systems
  • LIVE2VOD: Make your live stream available for instant on-demand viewing, or create VOD assets from live streams for longer term archiving.Re-package content with dynamic content replacement, server side ad insertion, content stitching and nVPR for personalisation.
  • VIDEO INGEST: Centralised ingest to import content from various sources and formats.
  • CMS & API: Intuitive user interface and easy to integrate REST API.
  • INTEGRATION: Deliver whole workflows or integrate with your system components to leverage existing investment. Highly pluggable architecture to allow use of third encoders, DRM and streaming servers.
  • STREAM MONITORING: Monitor multiple player windows concurrently in the video mosaic monitoring screen.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA DISTRIBUTION: Publish live streams and VOD clips to social media channels alongside traditional live and VOD distribution.
  • VIDEO EDITING: Frame accurate clipping of live and VOD streams with our browser-based video editing tool.
  • METADATA DISCOVERY: Manage and search rich metadata, define custom properties and property workflows, and use time coded metadata for chapter points, EPG data and time coded workflows.

 VUDRM enables you to stay in control of who watches your content and when. Using our flexible token generation, you can dynamically issue individual user permissions for one piece of content, with no need for re-encryption. Device agnostic and with support for Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, FairPlay Streaming & Adobe Primetime, our solutions are trusted by broadcasters globally. Supported by all major video players.

  • MULTI-VENDOR STUDIO APPROVED DRM: VUDRM supports Google Widevine, FairPlay Streaming, Microsoft PlayReady, AES and Common Encryption (CENC). Covering the full spectrum of studio approved DRM providers to keep your premium content protected.
  • VUDRM TOKENS: Flexible token generation to offer an additional layer of protection. With tokens that can be generated by calling our secure Token Generation API or alternatively by your own CMS.
  • SCALABLE, REDUNDANT AND COST EFFECTIVE: Our highly scalable infrastructure uses Kubernetes container orchestration system on AWS in a multi-region set up, providing increased monitoring, scalability, high availability and fault intolerance.
  • MOBILE SDKs: Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS to enable playback of DRM content, Widevine for Android, Fairplay for iOS. VUDRM iOS SDK, VUDRM Android SDK.
  • MAJOR STREAMING SERVERS: Fully integrated with major Streaming Servers. We are the UK Reseller Plus for Unified Streaming also integrating with the likes of Wowza, AWS Elemental, Comcast and Azure.
  • CUSTOM STATISTICS: Comes complete with access to detailed statistics, allowing you to create custom reports for analysis to track, monitor and measure your licence counts.
  • HOSTED OR INTEGRATED: We provide fully managed cloud based licence servers, on premise managed licence servers and integration with 3rd party licence servers.
  • DRM ENCRYPTION KEYS: API driven key provider service to generate keys or integrate with your own key service provider.
  • GEO LOCATION SERVICE: Ability to track your users locations and usage of VPN and Tor networks, allowing you to enforce your geo location restrictions.
  • LOW LATENCY: VUDRM uses a multi-region infrastructure to help get your content to the viewer as fast as possible.
  • DYNAMIC BUSINESS LOGIC: Supports different business models including Live, offline playback, SVOD, TVOD and AVOD. Dynamic business logic support allows you to use different policies for the same single piece of content.


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