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21 rue de l'Union
St-Cyr l'Ecole 78210

Phone: +33 9 5115 6632
Web site: www.streamlike.com

Streamlike provides a solution to all internal or external media corporate needs including live broadcasting, VoD, digital asset management and easy integration with business apps. The solution is available as a SaaS or private media platform (StreamCloud). Streamlike has gained the trust of high profile companies in the energy, automotive, banking, insurance, retail, media and education sectors by complementing its leading software with decades of insights and expertise.

Product Description

Streamlike comes with a collection of off-the-shelf customizable solutions:

  • StreamTV: Responsive webTV interface and configurator
  • StreamTube: Collaborative webTV builder (AKA “corporate YouTube”)
  • StreamWall:  Upload web app and instant or delayed publication on a video wall, with moderation workflow
  • StreamEmbed: Responsive video wall interface builder, for the easy integration of a video collection into any website
  • StreamLive : Live streaming made easy: single upload stream, server-side transcoding, adaptive delivery to all devices, DVR and on-demand availability, extensive analytics
  • StreamNote: Collaborative annotation of audio or video files during the production process
  • StreamAPI: REST API for easy integration to business apps
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