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172 route de Saint Joseph
NANTES 44300

Phone: 0033 6 10 71 11 64
Web site: http://www.acceptv.com

AccepTV is a leading provider of state-of-the-art technologies, products and services to measure perceived video/audio quality.

We propose a unique offer: a full range of perceived video quality metrics for different applications.

All our products can be evaluated for free.

Our no-reference video and audio quality metrics can also be integrated in third-party applications thanks to our "Video Quality Measurement SDK".

We also offer technologies to measure:

  • synchronization between audio and video (lipsync)
  • QoS (Quality of Service) measurement: UDP packets loss, packets delay, packets jitter, etc.
  • TR 101 290 errors on Transport Streams in third-party applications (TSM SDK)
Product Description

Video Quality Monitor (VQM, http://www.acceptv.com/en/products_vqm.php ) is a perceived video quality analysis solution.

It is based on no-reference metrics so VQM is very flexible and can be used in all cases.

VQM has two modes:

  • an offline mode to process files
  • and an online mode to process live streams (received from a capture card, from IP streaming or from desktop capture).

VQM is particularly well adapted to:

  • audio/video quality monitoring of live signals
  • measurement of captured files
  • STB testing

Its noise metric can also be used to benchmark video cameras and its bloom metric is useful to benchmark LCD panels (which would have been recorded on video by a precise video camera, in lab conditions).

For set-top box testing, VQM can control a set-top box by learning/sending infrared codes and executing test scripts.

Thanks to a specialized metric, VQM also enables to measure the impact of jerkiness (image freezing, due to rebuffering during playing of IP streaming, on YouTube for example) on perceived quality.

VQM can also be used for field testing since it can measure video quality with respect to localization (using a GPS receiver).

Online Resources
  • Video Quality Monitor
    Solution for no-reference measurement and monitoring of perceived video quality and perceived audio quality
  • Video Quality Analyzer
    Full-reference solution to measure perceived video quality, audio quality and audio/video synchronization (lipsync)
  • Adaptive Streaming Monitor
    Monitoring QoE and QoS of HLS and MPEG DASH streams
  • Multi Audio Video Monitor
    Monitoring of video quality, audio quality and loudness. Parallelisable. Borderless. Ideal to build video walls.
  • Audio Video Sync & Quality Monitor
    Powerful and scalable solution which enables to measure and monitor both QoE (Quality of Experience) and QoS (Quality of Service) for audio/video transmissions, especially for TV channels broadcasting
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