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Providence Utah
United States of America

Web site: https://www.100tb.com
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100TB empowers businesses to build world-class streaming products and services - without constraint. 
Early on, we saw that the future of online video had unlimited potential. Audiences would start demanding more and more from online video, and clients would need to continually improve the quality of their video platforms. That's why we've heavily invested in building high performance infrastructure platforms that minimize latency and maximize uptime.
Today, we're trusted by some of the most exciting challenger brands in content delivery. Most of all, these brands choose us because of our support team - who are meticulous, relentless and liberating. 
Product Description
Storing and serving video from 26 global locations, 100TB's infrastructure is optimised to help you build the highest quality streaming experiences. Take advantage of 10Tbps+ network capacity, multiple 100Gbps uplinks and a highly extensible API to automate bursting and route optimisation when you need it the most. This is all covered by a rock solid support team, who actively look for ways to help our clients stay at the bleeding edge of online video.
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