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Watchity S.L.
Travessera de Gràcia, num 73, 3-3
Barcelona Barcelona 08006

Phone: +34931807120
Web site: www.watchity.com

Watchity is the agile video production platform for social media and digital channels.

It helps broadcasters, publishers, sports and consumer brands to reduce costs and increase productivity in video production to meet the audience’ constant demand for online video content.

Watchity Media -the video production solution-, simplifies professional live broadcasting with smartphones and cloud editing tools, and increases the reach of the content with a seamless distribution to web and social networks.

Watchity Engage -the UGC video solution-, allows the integration of live and recorded videos created by viewers, fans and followers to generate genuine and engaging content.

Product Description

Watchity is based on mobile video acquisition, cloud editing tools, and multi-channel distribution:

  1. MOBILE VIDEO ACQUISITION: capture live images using smartphones or low-cost professional cameras with IP video capacity, to cover one or more points of view simultaneously. These videos can be also captured by contributors external to the organization (user-generated content).

  2. CLOUD PRODUCTION: all the live video feeds from smartphones and cameras are sent in real time to Watchity’s servers and automatically synchronized. Within a simple web browser, the “producer” can access the mixing tools to create a new professional quality live video.

  3. MULTICHANNEL DISTRIBUTION: the live content is simultaneously distributed on all the digital channels. The producer can connect multiple accounts, profiles and social network pages to live broadcast on Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Periscope, Twitter or Instagram.
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