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11 Staple Inn
London WC1V 7QH
United Kingdom

Phone: 08450943326
Web site: https://www.tripleplay.tv

Tripleplay has delivered more than 500,000 end points for thousands of organisations around the world since its formation in 2001, establishing itself as a market leader in the development and delivery of business grade Digital Signage, IPTV and Video Streaming solutions.

Its digital media platform delivers content across IT networks through 3 core software delivery technologies;

  • Digital Signage
  • IP Television
  • Video Streaming

Hardware agnostic and secure, the Tripleplay platform has been deployed in a wide variety of environments including global banks, corporate headquarters, sports stadia, military sites, naval vessels, hotels, hospitals and government offices. Designed as an AV/IT solution, Tripleplay is a perfect business communications technology.

Our solutions are available on Andoird and iOS for mobile, Mac and PC, STB and Smart Tv and in Citrix virtual desktop (Thin Client) environments.   

Product Description

Tripleplay has innovated in video streaming technologies since 2001, delivering video and media content for to any device across any network, securely and in high quality.

Our single platform digital media solution incorporates;

Tripleplay HD Encoder: sub 100msec latency, 350msec glass to glass, low cost, duel in/output.
Tripleplay Mobile Media App (MMA): Encrypted Live streams, TV and VOD, integrated chat, messaging, communication app.
Tripleplay Media Video Player (MVP): Encrypted desktop video portal app for mac, laptop and PC users and Citrix Thin Client virtual desktop.
Tripleplay IPTV: Business grade IPTV platform with Digital Signage capability.
Integrated Digital Signage: Display live TV feeds within a digital signage layout.
Tripleplay High Density WiFi Streaming: Our patented HD WiFi streaming solution is available as an SDK for 3rd party applications.
PLAY3R-SP1: Low cost 4K, PoE digital signage and IPTV media player for the professional AV industry
PLAY3R-P1: Cost effective 4K, Interactive IPTV Portal set-top box for the hotel and accommodation industries 

Online Resources
  • Tripleplay Enterprise Video Platform
    Delivering IPTV, VOD and Media to any device across any IP network
  • Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal
    Customizable and available in a number of standard styles, the Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal is a perfect solution for hotel TV deployments, residential TV systems, corporate boxes, care homes, hospital bedside TV systems, military and commercial vessels and mining complexes.
  • Tripleplay HD Encoder
    1080p, 100ms latency, as low as 350ms Glass to Glass*, 1u, Dual/Quad Input and Output.
  • Tripleplay MMA (Mobile Media App)
    Using Tripleplay streaming and IPTV technology, the Tripleplay Mobile Media Application (MMA) is an integrated platform for viewing, uploading, offline viewing and sharing of media content and comes complete with built-in messaging, forms and chat features.
  • Tripleplay MVP (Media Video Player)
    The Tripleplay Media Video Player is more than just an enterprise video delivery platform, it combines IPTV and VOD distribution with media storage, music and documentation allowing it to become a single point of access for any rich media content.
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