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Stintzingstr. 24
Erlangen 91052

Phone: +49 9131 530200
Fax: +49 9131 5302020
Web site: www.pevq.com

OPTICOM - The Source for Voice and Video Quality Benchmarking and Optimization

Video Quality-of-Experience Measurement
comprises a wealth of standardized perceptual video quality metrics, including current and long-term MOS (ITU-T Rec. J.247, J.343, P.1203), best available video quality, loading delay, re-buffering etc. in a scalable OEM software architecture for benchmarking mobile networks and OTT services (YouTube, Amazon, Netflix etc.), even on Smartphones.

Save CDN Cost by QoE-enhanced ‘Smart’ Video Streaming
Save up to 40% bandwidth and deliver better Quality-of-Experience with per-title/per-scene encoding enabled by OPTICOM’s standardized Key-Quality-Indicators, perceptual engineering experience and huge testing know-how.

With 20+ years of experience, OPTICOM is the leading provider of Voice and Video MOS testing algorithms for T&M vendors, equipment manufacturers and operators worldwide.

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