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Leningradskoe shosse, d. 69, korp. 1
Moscow 125445

Phone: +7 (495) 737-5743
Fax: +7 (495) 737-5743
Web site: ngenix.net

NGENIX, the leading CDN service provider in Russia & CIS, helps companies accelerate their online business and reach their target audience by providing scalable media delivery services and optimizing Internet applications.

NGENIX cloud platform spans all major telecommunication centers in Russia and the CIS and provides unsurpassed coverage of the Russian-speaking Internet users.

NGENIX is trusted by leading national content providers, TV companies, e-commerce retailers, education, government and corporate customers.  Create and expand your digital presence in Russia with our world-class CDN services and multi-faceted customer support.

Product Description

NGENIX services are designed to ensure fast, reliable and cost-efficient delivery of all types of online content.  NGENIX CDN infrastructure bridges the gap between content providers and broadband users by eliminating download delays, video buffering and server overloads. Leverage the scalability of NGENIX distributed service platform and unique coverage of Russian-speaking Internet audience to boost performance of your media business.  


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