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15, rue Cognacq-Jay
Paris 75007

Phone: +33 1 49 55 00 24
Web site: www.arkena.com

Arkena is one of Europe’s leading media services companies with almost 20 years of experience in the media industry. With a strong presence in Europe and the U.S, Arkena serves a vast diversity of customers, such as broadcasters, telecom operators, VOD platforms, content owners and corporations in managing their linear and on-demand workflows. Arkena provides the know-how, the experience and the expertise that enables them distribute their content everywhere, regardless of scale and complexity.

Arkena is part of the TDF Group.

Product Description

Cloud4TV: comprehensive platform for live and on-demand OTT services

Deliver your live or on-demand content to new audiences. With a modular set of turnkey components, Cloud4TV solution is a modern and comprehensive platform for deploying live and on-demand OTT services. Our Cloud4TV – OTT solution is very flexible and can be adapted to any business model.

The Cloud4TV solution is ideal for premium content owners, telecom operators and broadcasters who want to serve video content to viewers worldwide, and across multiple platforms and devices.

Cloud4TV ties all components together for end to end content distribution and monetization. On the back-office side, we provide an intuitive interface to manage content preparation, organization and offerings as well as tracking activities and revenue. On the front end side, you can browse and bookmark content, select payment methods and preview the videos on any device.

Cloud4Media: private cloud tailored to the media industry

Cloud4Media is a SaaS/PaaS service that provides all the necessary tools for managing media assets within media companies, among different media companies, and between media companies and OTT or telecom platforms.

With Cloud4Media, you can process rich media content, exchange it through Arkena’s managed network, build your personalized storage system, transform your assets into the required formats, edit and customize editorial and technical metadata, manage catch-up TV and VOD services, and manage, orchestrate and monitor your workflow with advanced tools.

Arkena has integrated and operates with its own products or for specific projects third party components for transcoding, QC, file transfer, MAM, traffic systems, storage….

Playout in the cloud: playout services for your media platform

From Web TVs to large-scale premium channels, our Playout Services adapt to your platform. Our highly skilled, dedicated teams provide and operate a turnkey technical service, or customize the service for your specific needs such as, disaster recovery site, occasional operating needs, live event and short-lived channels.

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