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24, rue du Quatre-septembre
Paris Ile-de-France 75002

Phone: +33180969460
Web site: http://www.wiztivi.com/

Wiztivi delivers applications and User Interfaces for Set-top-boxes, TV sets, mobile and gaming consoles. The company gathers multicultural experts in design and development. For almost 10 years, Wiztivi has been designing and developing 300+ services for media & IPTV/OTT companies worldwide (Vodafone Group, SFR Group, Eutelsat, Viacom, TF1,M6,...).

In order to maintain its leadership and its agility, Wiztivi has been developing its own framework (SDK). The WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK solution delivers a single code to target various platforms at a fraction of the cost that would be required if a specific version had to be developed for each device. 


Product Description


Wiztivi’s Designers have been ideating TIMELESSUI® for big screen navigation paradygm and adapting it to mobile devices. It targets pay-TV Operators, Medias and OTT service providers. So far, it has been deployed four times worldwide (Argentina, Thaïland, Middle East and Africa, France).
TIMELESSUI® provides an answer to market expectations when it comes to fast deployment which may bring UX consistency and 3rd party OTT services integration. TIMELESSUI® is deployment-ready and platform agnostic to reach an aggressive TTM.


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