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London London E1 6JJ

Phone: +442032902555
Web site: www.streamhub.co.uk

Streamhub is a video analytics platform for media companies that require managing, growing and monetising video audience data. We make big data accessible for Media companies/platforms:

  • cross-platform audience reporting for A/SVOD & Live
  • content and ad reporting
  • audience segmentation and attribution
  • anti-churn and user LTV analysis
  • marketing channel analysis
  • QoS/QoE reporting

Quick integration with Brightcove, Comcast(ThePlatform), Kaltura players etc.  

For Research/Operator companies: 

  • eGRP platform that fuses census with online panel DBs
  • Multi-source DMP functionality to enrich user data
  • ingestion of any format of Return-path data
  • Data visualisation of your census data
  • Manage access to content owners, ad agencies and advertisers 
  • Audit
Product Description

Streamhub is a cloud-based SaaS analytics software dedicated to accurate reporting of OTT services and data activation. It is a product that helps you build audiences around your own brand and own destination.

Easy UI

We don't believe in analytics interfaces that requires die-hard experts. It is a product made by media people for media people. 

Industry standard

It provides all the industry standard metrics for video content and advertising measurement and offers a high degree of customisation to meet the customer needs. Core metrics are: 

  • Content: views, unique browsers/apps, unique viewers, % completed views, engagement, etc
  • Ads: impressions, VAST percentiles, unique browsers/apps, unique viewers
  • QoS: Startup time (buffering), Rebuffering, Exits before start for every device and content asset 

Data activation:

We generate addressable audiences to use for targeted marketing and increasing the value of your advertising inventory. Export APIs are available to integrate into DSPs, SSPs and automated marketing services. 

Our customers:

Customers are broadcasters, operators/platforms, online video destinations, digital publishers, e-commerce/shopping sites, online sports sites, online video education, JICS and research companies. 

Our partners:

Our official OVP partners are Brightcove and Kaltura making integration possible in minutes, but we also have ready-made plugins for customers on Comcast Technology Solution (ThePlatform), Ooyala, Simplestream, Limelight, YouTube, J-Stream with short integration times. In general, we can work with any OVP or player technology. Just please ask us.

We also provide ready-made plugins for major platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android with integration times varying between a few hours to a day. 

About Us

We are a UK-based independent venture with offices in the UK and Japan. Our team is made of seasoned media executives and big data technologists with our customer base spanning across Europe, Asia, Australasia, US and Japan. 

Online Resources
  • Latest product features
    Highlights and release notes of our latest features and releases.
  • Get started
    All the step-by-step instructions and SDK resources to get started with Streamhub
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