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Avram Iancu 20/12
Cluj Napoca Cluj 400089

Phone: +40749247123
Web site: https://www.streamaxia.com

Streamaxia is a leading provider of live video streaming broadcast technologies for iOS, Android and WebRTC developer ecosystems.

We help developers embed mobile and web applications with innovative live video stream broadcasting toolkits to accelerate their development time and, ultimately, assist developers capitalize on the exponential growth forecasted for mobile live video streaming broadcast and WebRTC technologies.

Online Resources
  • BroadcastMe Whitelabel App
    Create your very own video broadcasting mobile application based on BroadcastMe Developer Edition. Cut the cost of developing a prototype by just applying your graphics and UX to our tried and tested solution!
  • OpenSDK RTMP Library
    Streamaxia OpenSDK is a powerful live video streaming library for iOS and Android that you can integrate within seconds in your app. Broadcast live to any CDN and networks, including: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft Azure, Adobe Media Server, Wowza, Red5, plus other digital media broadcast and live video streaming platforms.
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