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NAGRA is the worldwide leader in delivering secure, end-to-end digital media technologies that service providers can rapidly deploy to generate and protect revenues. Our solutions enable a wide range of TV services across broadcast and broadband networks, with a focus on helping service providers deliver a secure, engaging and everywhere experience to their subscribers.

NAGRA solutions serve more than 120 leading service providers worldwide with a proven track record that spans over two decades. NAGRA is part of the Kudelski Group, a global technology leader.

Product Description

The NAGRA MediaLive multiscreen TV solution securely enables premium TV content delivery across a broad range of devices, from hybrid and OTT set-top boxes (STBs) through open consumer devices – including PCs, tablets and smartphones – to connected TVs and game consoles. 

It has been designed to reduce the cost of ownership through multiple enabling capabilities such as centralised digital asset management, workflow management, metadata management, recommendations, encoder and CDN pre-integration, advanced monitoring and much more. On the client side, the MediaLive Secure Player ensures the secure delivery of content with a common user experience across multiple devices.

NAGRA can provide the MediaLive multiscreen TV solution or functional subsets of it as a cloud service. NAGRA Cloud Services enable the quick launch of new features, including cloud PVR, download-to-go, electronic-sell-through and dynamic ad insertion, that help increase ARPU and provide value-driven customer retention while reducing investments and fixed costs, and increasing flexibility and margins. NAGRA customers can also scale their multiscreen service deployment with a pay as you grow model while remaining focused on their core revenue generating activities.

Online Resources
  • NAGRA MediaLive
    A complete suite of modular components designed to help service providers deliver the next generation of multiscreen and OTT services, available as either an on-premise or cloud-based solution. It delivers a flexible multiscreen service management platform to monetize and deliver TV services to multiple subscriber accounts, devices and users across multiple networks, offering a wide range of streaming media services such as live TV, time-shifting, Catch-up TV, SVOD and TVOD, network PVR and more.
  • NAGRA MediaLive Secure Player
    The MediaLive Secure Player gives service providers a powerful tool for delivering a superior, seamless multiscreen TV experience that translates into a fast ROI while reducing risks in terms of customer satisfaction, costs overruns, and content-security risks. It embeds NAGRA anyCAST PRM, a DECE and DTLA-approved DRM, and is available either as standalone SDK product or as part of a pre-integrated solution.
  • NAGRA anyCAST PRM (Persistent Rights Manager)
    The award-winning NAGRA anyCAST PRM (Persistent Rights Manager) solution is the only pay-TV centric DRM that’s both DECE and DTLA-approved for OTT, home networking and placeshifting delivery of content to set-top boxes and consumer devices. It is also a Netflix-approved DRM. That means you can give your subscribers the content they love on any device they own using a wide variety of different use cases and business rules.
  • NAGRA intuiTV
    Leveraging the NAGRA MediaLive service delivery capabilities, intuiTV is designed to enable an all-in-one pay-TV service that marries the best of live TV and OTT streaming for a more enjoyable and simpler TV viewing experience that eliminates fragmentation. intuiTV streaming device, ergonomic user interface (UI) and touch-screen remote control give consumers the television experience they demand and deserve.
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