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Livewire Digital
Units 1 & 2, The Axis Centre
Cleeve Road

Leatherhead Surrey KT22 7RD

Phone: +44 (0) 1372 386100
Web site: www.livewire.co.uk

Livewire Digital Ltd is a privately owned UK company, which has been innovating for the broadcast industry for over 26 years. 

We can provide resilience to your A/V streams and bond networks in a way that is completely transparent to your existing applications and workflows.

We can securely stream high quality, low latency live video and transfer files faster than dedicated enterprise solutions using your trusted applications.

If you are in the business of moving data over challenging network links - our cutting edge solutions can enable greater reliability, speed, and mobility of communications for your business.

Product Description

RazorLink® cross platform software provides network bonding, acceleration, streaming resilience and traffic prioritization whilst working transparently with your existing applications over cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite. 

M-Link® is the professional solution for live and file based video delivery.  The M-Link receiver provides HD-SDI playout as well as file-based ingest options to suit any studio or production workflow. 

NetCaster® - an iOS app which is a complete solution for the delivery of live feeds and file-based material. Up to six concurrent live feeds can be handled by the OSX-based receiver. High quality photographs, audio reports and HD clips can be captured and transmitted from within the NetCaster™ application. The “Event” management features allow control over contributions from the public.

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