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Reimersbeek 14
Amsterdam Netherlands 1082 AG

Phone: +31202339841
Web site: http://cleeng.com/

Cleeng is the smartest way to sell and protect premium video, direct-to-consumer. At its core lies a flexible and cost-efficient platform used by leading brands like FIFA, Final Fantasy, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, HBO Boxing, NHRA and Sky to sell their videos, live and on-demand.

To break it down, Cleeng's main offering consists of Authentication, CommerceSecurity and Customer Care solutions that help broadcasters and sports organizations succeed in the OTT space.

Broadcasters face a few challenges on their journey to OTT success:

  • Complexity of several vendor integrations;
  • Long deployment speeds;
  • High startup costs.

Cleeng solves this by investing in the platform's scalability and deeply integrating with the leading video giants including Brightcove, IBM Cloud Video, Accedo and etc. 

The company was founded in 2011 by former Apple, Philips and NEC e-commerce and media experts.

Product Description

With Cleeng’s comprehensive solutions & APIs, broadcasters can easily:

  • Authenticate users across devices;
  • Sell videos using a variety of revenue models – Live PPV, SVOD, or Lead capture;
  • Protect their premium videos with advanced forensic watermarking, browser fingerprinting, IP/device control etc. 
  • Track key performance indicators (churn, retention, subscriber demographics) via an advanced dashboard. 

Why Cleeng? Since it helps broadcasters: 

  • Save time & money: it is already built specifically and works immediately;
  • Sell globally or locally: 14 languages and 19 local currencies currently supported.
  • Generate incremental revenues: Making it easy to sell tickets, subscription and passes, grow audiences by nurturing social strategies, granting coupons, and accessing advanced reporting dashboards.
  • Focus on their core business - by leaving the setup and customer support to us.
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