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May 10, 2018

Featured Articles
HQ Trivia and the Race to Ultra-Low Latency Live Streaming
Live video is getting interactive requiring bidirectional communication with low latency. Companies like Ex Machina, Haivision, nanocosmos, and Wowza—as well as the SRT Alliance—are working on solutions.
How to Measure Video Encoding QoE
An insightful new service called Mux Data makes quality of experience monitoring and analysis easy. This illustrated guide explains how to use it when diagnosing problems big and small.
Buyers' Guide to Encoder Appliances
Sometimes software-only solutions just don't cut it. Here's how to understand the tradeoff between hardware and software encoding, and how to select the best appliance when low-latency and delivery matter.
Featured News
EU to Impose a 30% European Content Quota on OTT Services
Subscription services such as Netflix will need to invest directly in European productions or pay into a group fund that promotes local works.
Pay TV Revenues to Drop $18B by 2023 as Spending Patterns Change
Cord-cutting remains a problem for pay TV operators in more developed areas, while the rest of the world signs on for lower-priced service.
Global Pay TV Falls 11% to $183B by 2023, Led by North America
While pay TV is seeing big losses in the United States, it still has plenty of room to grow in other countries. IPTV adoption is strong in China.
Industry News
Streamroot has announced today that TF1, the leading private-sector broadcaster in France, has chosen Streamroot’s patented technology to deliver its online video content, including major live events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Sky collaborates with Amazon Web Services and AWS Partners GrayMeta and UI Centric to provide machine learning-enriched user experience
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