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January 10, 2013

Featured Articles
Comment: While AWS May Have Caused Netflix's Outages, They're Really Netflix's Fault
It's about time that companies with poorly engineered services stop blaming AWS for their own engineering incompetence.
Will the $200B Ad Market Move to Online Video?
Offering results from its research report, Videoplaza highlights the changes still to come for online video advertising.
Livestream Studio HD500: Review
With its compact form factor, built-in monitor, and proven BlackMagic and NVIDIA components, the Livestream Studio HD500 is an impressive portable video mixer
Social Media for TV Needs to be Designed Specifically for TV
There's no denying the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, but if you look beyond the hype, perhaps those networks aren't the best ways for networks and content creators to leverage the power of social media and the second screen
Help Us Shape the Future of Streaming Media Europe
Streaming Media Europe 2012 was our best yet; we'd like your input to help us make 2013 even better
Featured News
Xstream Debuts Versatile Media Ingest Service
Solving the problem of importing media from a variety of sources, Xstream offers an automated solution.
Study Charts Growth and Rising Quality of Online TV in Germany
Mobile video and live events are driving the country's strong growth in online video.
Connected TVs Are Selling, but Often Go Unconnected
Any connected TV purchased today will be obsolete in only three years' time, says Informa Telecoms & Media.
Industry News
Award-winning Music Streaming Service Makes it Easy to Discover, Manage and Share Music
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