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July 19, 2012

Featured Articles
European Summit to Look at the Sharp Knives of CDN Federation
Attendees of the Video Infrastructure Summit in London will attempt to push federation forward, and also discuss online entertainment and privacy.
WCIT-12: The End to the Internet as We Know It?
ACTA and SOPA may be dead, but proposed changes to the Internet Telecommunications Regulation pose an even bigger threat to a free and open internet
Featured News
Advertisers Not Interested in Connected Devices, Finds Study
While video viewing on devices is increasing, advertisers aren't reaching the increasingly fragmented audience.
Rightster Launches Rightster Studios to Finance Online Content
Rightster will remove the bottleneck in online video creation by offering financing and strategic services.
Popcornflix Releases iPhone and iPad Apps for U.K. and Ireland
Free, ad-supported movie service lets mobile viewers tap into its small library of titles.
Jinni Debuts its First Set-Top Box, Released through Belgacom
Viewers will be able to discover live and video-on-demand content that suits their mood and tastes using the connected device.
Industry News
The Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (NOS) and Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO) bring the 2012 ‘summer of sports’ to the widest Dutch audience possible using Unified Streaming over HTTP
Quicklink Live LNG and Store & Forward, MAC solutions are being used extensively for the latest series of Planet Earth Live programs.
The BBC World Service has purchased Quicklink broadcasting solutions for both live reporting and file based video transmissions on behalf of all sectors within the Arabic and Persian divisions worldwide, Quicklink Video Distribution Services Ltd.
Thanks to a cross-platform HTML5 experience, 80 percent of new users come from mobile
Envivio Muse iTV used for distribution of HD broadcast services
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