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August 05, 2010

Featured Articles
WebM vs. H.264: A Closer Look
Google's decision to open source VP8 in the form of WebM was the opening salvo in yet another codec war. We take a look at encoding efficiency, output quality, and CPU horsepower required for playback of both WebM and H.264.
The Impact of OTT on the Walled Garden
With Google TV on the way, broadcasters and service providers alike are debating the value of the gatekeeper vs. the value of unfettered online access via the TV. We asked several industry leaders for their take on the challenge ahead.
Featured News
Adobe Introduces Flash Media Playback
Web-based tool makes it easy for beginners to add videos to their sites and blogs.
Flumotion Streams Live Event in WebM
The company first to offer live streaming with Google's WebM format is now webcasting the first WebM event.
Kantar Lets Customers Track Modified Videos
While other tools only track official syndication, Kantar will monitor even edited content.
Sales of Connected TVs Will Boom, but Limits Could Hold Back Audience
Living room viewing is coming, but first the industry needs to survive wireless bandwidth caps.
Wowza and SIDSA Partnership Makes Streaming TV Easier for Broadcasters
Product integration will let customers deliver audio and video to new markets.
Industry News
Wowza Media Systems, the media server software company, announced today that it has partnered with CDNvideo, a Moscow, Russia based content delivery services provider (CDN) that has deployed Wowza Media Server 2 platform to immediately offer a complete
The new TV Gateway (TVG) product from ONELAN Digital Signage enables delivery of live Freeview content to your desktop PCs.
Leading Spanish communications group selects next-generation, professional-grade video encoding appliance to stream all live events
Prestigious open source conference GUADEC will be the first event worldwide to be streamed live in WebM
Aflexi Software and Services enable smaller service providers to compete with large CDNs like Akamai, CD Networks, EdgeCast, Level Three, and Limelight
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