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Streaming Media Magazine:
Why do we focus on what online isn't built to do—the big blockbuster video event?
Keynotes from Disney, ITN On, informitv, and the IAB UK highlight this year's event, coming up in London in October. Click here for video interviews with two of the keynoters.
Online video is hotter than ever. So how come online video advertising success stories are so hard to find?
With adaptive bitrate streaming, companies can post a video and let the technology sort out the rest. So which product is best for you?
As shown by the webcast for the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Global-MIX has set out to make outside broadcast accessible and affordable.
As Fluendo goes commercial with its Flumotion Streaming Server technology, it may have created a product that will rival Wowza's Media Server Pro.
Telestream Episode Engine performs well when encoding to VP6, H.264, and MPEG-2, but Windows Media producers should look elsewhere.
There's a tangle of ideas embedded in the concept of production values.
Our annual assessment of European content delivery network market finds that it is not yet commoditised but remains innovative and highly localised.
Mon., Sept. 28, by Nigel Regan
Is it time to put cloud encoding on your radar?
A supply-demand imbalance between advertisers and content distributors has inundated the web with ads. So what does this mean for the future?
Lack of engagement opportunities, information overload, and physiology are some of the factors keeping viewers from focusing on videos.

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