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Videoplaza Report: Publishers Need to Architect Their Audiences
By using data to grow audiences, publishers in Western Europe can succeed across devices and grow revenue.

Online video publishers need to architect their audiences, says a report prepared by ad management platform Videoplaza and research firm IHS. This means using data to grow audiences that respond to that publisher's content and that meet the requirements of advertisers. While publishers' use of data is still at an early stage, the report points out success stories from the Guardian and French publisher alliances that use data to create multi-platform offerings. Start now, it urges, and create the foundations for strong growth in the future.

Developing an IP video strategy will let publishers tap into the growing video ad revenue market, the report says. It forecasts that Western Europe video advertising revenue will more than double in five years, growing from €1,051 million in 2012 to €2,500 million in 2017. It predicts that the Western Europe IP video market will command 28.7 percent of all display budgets in 2017. The report looks at local differences in Western Europe, noting that IP video is already one-third of display ad revenue in France and Spain. In Germany, the figure is 14.3 percent.

For more on using data to architect audiences, including advice on monetizing audiences across devices and tapping programmatic advertising, download the full report for free (registration required).

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