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V-Nova Integrating Perseus 2 Compression Into Theoplayer
The lightweight codec designed for streaming high-quality video over any network meets the player meant for any platform or device.
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The London-based compression specialist V-Nova announced it's working with Theo Technologies to integrate Perseus 2 decoding into the Theoplayer Universal Video Player. According to V-Nova, this will offer viewers high-quality viewing on desktop and mobile players working in HTML5 environments, while offering operators and providers strong image quality and user experience.

V-Nova introduced the Perseus 2 codec in April 2017, promising a lighter and faster solution than its original release. Instead of improving video quality, this version was designed to be lighter so it would run over any network and use less storage on server farms. It improved support for H.264 environments and added HEVC and VP9 base layers.

V-Nova says Perseus 2 is compatible with the full video delivery workflow, including digital rights management, HLS and DASH, and ad-insertion solutions.

Theoplayer's Universal Video Player is designed to offer strong video playback on any platform or device.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with V-Nova, who shares and is already putting into practice our belief in the importance of video encoding," says Steven Tielemans, CEO and co-founder of Theoplayer. "Our partnership enables us to take this potential one step further and to offer a joint solution that works across all media types and on all devices—a fundamental requirement in today’s video environment.”

Those interested can see the joint solution demonstrated for the first time at IBC 2017, where both companies will show it at their stands.

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