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V-Nova Announces Perseus Version 2, to Debut at NAB Conference
A lighter Perseus codec will help content providers save money with greater encoding density, while streaming higher-quality video over any network.

Two years after the release of the original Perseus codec, London-based V-Nova has announced version two. With this release, the company aims to deliver increased system performance with lower costs.

Perseus 2 is lighter and faster, the company says, which allows greater encoding density per channel and leads to lower operating costs. That's true for both the hosted and cloud-based options.

Rather than focusing on video quality issues, this version addresses customer concerns in streaming video over any network. The lighter version means a reduction in the amount of server farm space needed leading to CAPEX savings, notes Guido Meardi, V-Nova's CEO and co-founder, which will help companies launch new over-the-top services or upgrade existing offerings.

Version two offers greater support for H.264 environments, now including HEVC and VP9 base layers. It includes lighter HTML5 video decoding requirements and lower decoding power requirements.

Partners already using the new version include FastFilmz and Thaicom. The CEO of FastFilmz, Karam Malhotra, says this version will allow his company to offer better video quality over 100 kbps 2G/EDGE networks.

StreamingMedia.com recently toured the V-Nova offices and noted codec improvements, as well as a working FFmpeg-based Perseus encoder.

V-Nova will debut Perseus 2 in its suite at the Wynn during the NAB Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, later this month.

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