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Västerlånggatan 27
Stockholm Stockholm 11129

Phone: +468326547
Web site: www.quickchannel.com

Quickchannel offers cloud based streaming and video solutions. Quickchannel enables organizations to create, record, manage and stream videos such as town hall meetings, seminars, company events or internal- and external presentations.

Quickchannel can deliver a complete video communication platform customized for the customers. Quickchannel offers a user friendly solution with functional depth that helps organizations communicate more efficient. With customized design, synchronized content streams, animations and viewer interaction we offer the markets most flexible solution.

Product Description

Quickchannel is a streaming platform offering full CMS functionality, OVP with branded designs, built in statistical engine and integrations with third party solutions such as Pexip.

The product range can help clients with organizing large volumes of video, broadcast livestreamed events and edit video in the cloud. To get more information visit our website or give us a call.

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