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Streaming Media West [13-14 November 2018]
Live Streaming Summit [13-14 November 2018]
Streaming Forum [26 February 2019]
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Streaming Media East 2018 [8-9 May 2018]
Live Streaming Summit [8-9 May 2018]
Content Delivery Summit [7 May 2018]
Streaming Forum [27 February 2018]

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Arendstraat 29
Hilversum 1223 RE

Phone: +31 35 5444 000
Fax: +31 35 5444 001
Web site: www.quadia.com

We create fans for brands

In today’s market content cannot exist without technology and technology cannot exist without content.
The combination generates impact for brands in the interaction with their target groups. 

Quadia is a full-service video-playground for B2B, B2C and B2E: we develop and deliver technology, 
produce content and advise brands with only one goal in mind, creativity with maximum results.

Product Description

The Quadia Online Video Platform is the easiest and most reliable way to publish your online videos. ABN AMRO, ING, Stage Entertainment, UWV, the Dutch Central Bank, Reed Business and many other organizations use the Quadia Online Video Platform to manage, distribute and analyze their videos. The Quadia platform allows you to publish the videos at various channels to reach your key target audiences.

The Quadia Online Video Platformr has three versions: basic, extended and enterprise. Additionally, the platform may be enhanced with video applications (video apps) such as e-learning and live webcasting.

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