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Taurus Avenue 105
Hoofddorp 2132 LS
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 23 556 2000
Fax: +31 23 556 2240
Web site: www.irdeto.com

Irdeto gives businesses the freedom to innovate and the power to take control of their future. From media and entertainment to payments and automotive, our industry-spanning solutions help clients create new business opportunities and fight cybercrime. With nearly 50 years of expertise in security, the world’s best-known brands rely on Irdeto to protect more than 5 billion devices and applications, offering them the peace of mind to pursue great ideas.

Product Description

Irdeto Rights: a studio-grade Multi-DRM and advanced Business Policy Management Solution

  • Increased Market Reach: With standard support for all main industry DRMs, Irdeto Rights allows you to reach all the latest devices and delight your customers with high-quality multiscreen experiences.  In addition, live streaming, VOD or Download & Go can be combined with any business model.  Be it ad funded, subscription, transaction or freemium, Irdeto Rights helps you capitalize on what suits your market best.
  • Efficient Digital Rights Management: Irdeto Rights simplifies the management of user entitlements and content usage rules across devices. Managing concurrent streaming, geographic restrictions, user and fraud management and other day-to-day matters is much easier with Irdeto Rights.
  • MovieLabs-Compliant Protection: Irdeto Rights features studio-grade security enhancements including support for track keys, PlayReady SL 3000 and Widevine Level1.
  • Fast time to market: By having strong relationships with all major industry players, including DRM, encoder and packaging suppliers, Irdeto is able to support new DRM innovations from day 1. This gives operators a significant competitive advantage to be the among the first to offer services on the latest consumer devices, without waiting months for low-end DRM licensing services to catch up.
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