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Bemrose House, Bemrose Park
Wayzgoose Drive

Derby DE21 6XQ

Phone: +44 (0)1332 294 441
Web site: www.datapath.co.uk

Datapath is an innovator of video capture, computer graphics and video wall display technology covering multiple industries including visual media, education, security and healthcare.

The Vision range of capture cards offer a selection of DisplayPort, HDMI, SDI, as well as a variety of analogue video formats. Software developers have a choice of SDK’s for writing custom user applications including Microsoft’s Media Foundation.

The SQX range of IP solutions offers industry leading stream density per system, whilst Datapath’s expertise, quality focus and dedicated customer support makes their products the first choice for customers requiring flexibility, robustness and scalability.

Product Description


SQX is Datapath's collective name for video streaming & compression technologies.
Datapath's SQX products open up a world of possibilities for video delivery, transmission and storage; whilst maintaining the ability to easily scale projects from the management of a single stream to full inclusive systems that accommodate a wide array of inputs and outputs streaming, from a variety of sources to a number of destinations.

Datapath's ActiveSQX is a powerful PCIe card designed to decode multiple streaming videos using an on-board processor. Multiple ActiveSQX cards can be used in a single system to support the management of entire CCTV systems or connect to online media libraries, streaming and decoding video for immediate video wall display. The ActiveSQX also includes a DisplayPort output for video previews.

The VisionHD2-SQX is an advanced video capture card with SQX technology that allows captured video to be encoded into H.264. Featuring three independent capture channels this capture card allows users to capture two high definition 1920 x 1080p video feeds and directly encode them into H.264 using the dedicated SQX processor.


Datapath's Vision range of capture cards provide a variety of high or standard definition capture capabilities as well as audio in some models. Video capture modes supports include Single or Dual Link DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component YPbPr, Composite video and S-video.

Datapath products have been developed for a wide range of applications such as video streaming, medical imaging, video conferencing, machine vision, display walls and video walls. Whether you are looking for video capture for streaming, recording or presentation applications Datapath has a solution.

VisionSC Range
The latest in Datapath's Vision portfolio of capture cards, offering an unprecedented 6.2GHz bandwidth allowing for multiple 2160p 60fps captures on a single card.

VisionAV Range
VisionAV products allow multiple, simultaneous 1080p captures each supporting 60 frames per second and HDCP.

Vision Range
Datapath's first Vision portfolio of video capture cards, capable of receiving 1080p and 4k @ 30fps video streams from a single capture engine.


Build dynamic video walls, small or large, with the Datapath x4 and dL8.
The Datapath x4 display controller accepts a standard single or dual Link DVI-D input and can flexibly display this across four DVI-I outputs. The dL8 is a 1U rack mount, eight output, distribution amplifier for high resolution Dual Link DVI signals. It has a fully programmable EDID to graphics source, allowing simple control of resolution and frame rate.

The Datapath Fx4 is a multi-faceted standalone display controller that supports a choice of inputs, high bandwidth loop-through as well as 4 Gen locked outputs in either DisplayPort or HDMI. The Fx4 features a DisplayPort1.2 main input alongside 2 x HDMI1.4 inputs offering either 4k 4096 x 2160p at 60fps or UHD 2160p at 30fps respectively. The intuitive user interface allows users to determine which input is used.


Datapath offer a range of easy to use accessories. From single cables capable of delivering 4k video over 100m distances to a range of adaptors that allow connections to a multitude of different socket types.

Datapath ActiveConnect
Datapath’s ActiveConnect range of fibre optical extenders offer customers the perfect solution for extending the distances between graphics outputs and the screens. The ActiveConnect solution is a single fibre optic cable that requires no external power. Supporting high performance DP1.2 or HDMI2.0 connectors at each end.

Datapath DirectConnect
Extenders provides installers the ability to put some distance between the graphical output and the monitors. Datapath offer products that can extend the gap to up to 40m with either DIsplayPort or DVI terminal connectors using the DPExtend and DPAdapt.

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