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Sonnenstr. 27
Munich 80331

Phone: +49 89 31908498
Fax: +49 89 31908499
Web site: www.archiware.com

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Archiware is a privately held company with over 20 years of experience in data management software. Archiware P5 covers Backup, Cloning and Archive in one solution with four modules: P5 Synchronize, P5 Backup, P5 Backup2Go and P5 Archive.

The P5 Archive module is integrated with notable MAM systems, such as CatDV, Cantemo Portal, FocalPoint Server, eMAM and axle.

Archiware P5 runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Synology and QNAP devices. It is compatible with LTO products from any vendor on the market, virtually any disk storage and selected cloud services.

Download the 30-day trial: http://p5.archiware.com/download

Product Description

Archiware's P5 Software Suite consists of 4 modules for Backup, Cloning and Archiving of data:

  • P5 Synchronize: replicates data local/remote for immediate failover
  • P5 Backup: server Backup to Disk, Tape and Cloud
  • Backup2Go: protects workstations and laptops local/remote
  • P5 Archive: mini-MAM for long-term Archive to Disk, Tape and Cloud. Integration with FCP X and the macOS Finder.

Archiware P5 runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Synology and QNAP devices. P5 works with all LTO drives and libraries, Direct Attached Storage, SAN and NAS. The P5 Suite is compatible with many partner products. Integrations with MAMs include CatDV, Cantemo Portal, FocalPoint Server, eMAM and axle, amongst others.

Download the 30-day free trial: http://p5.archiware.com/download

The brand-new product, Archiware Pure simplifies VMware Backup, running as software appliance without additional server hardware: http://pure.archiware.com

Online Resources
  • Archiware P5 and Partner Solutions
    Archiware P5 offers integrations and solutions with numerous hardware and software partners, including MAM/DAM systems, all LTO drives and libraries, Direct Attached Storage, SAN and NAS.
  • Archiware P5 Solutions
    Make the most of your Archiware P5 installation with our P5 solutions, including Synology, Video Archive, LTO Ultrium, Xsan and Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape.
  • Case Studies: How Companies use Archiware P5
    Archiware's P5 modules are globally used by businesses to achieve maximum data security. Find out how P5 is used by DeMensen, MSM Studios, Cintel, Worksafe BC and many more.
  • Archiware Press Voices
    Learn more about P5 in Archiware's editorials about archiving, backup and synchronization.
  • Archiware Pure: Essential VMware Backup
    Archiware Pure makes backups of VMware extremely easy. The simple setup, automatic backup and verification within the ESXi environment minimize complexity, cost and hardware requirements.
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