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ViewCast’s Osprey-240 Combines PCI Express Compatibility With Professional Analog Inputs

Analog Video Capture Card Utilizes High Bandwidth for High-Quality Component Video Capture to Repurpose Sports, Entertainment, News, and Other Content for IP Distribution
PLANO, Texas(5/14/2007) -

ViewCast Corporation, a leading global provider of high-quality audio and video communication products, today announced the release of its new Osprey-240 analog video capture card. Delivering professional-level features and functionality, the card is designed for the latest high-performance PC motherboards. By using a computer?s PCI Express (PCIe) bus, the Osprey-240 combines faster data rates with a greater number of video formats and a scalable architecture for high-quality audio and video ingest that enables content repurposing for IP video distribution over the Internet and other networks.

Using the compact 1-lane PCIe interface, the Osprey-240 provides a broad range of motherboard support by supporting 1-, 4-, 8-, and 16-lane PCIe slots. Content owners and content aggregators will also gain the ability to connect to their analog tape decks via component video, achieving the best quality output from their original source.

The Osprey-240 card includes the new Osprey Aviator? encoder management software, which features an advanced audio processor and video pre-processing tools such as an audio dynamic range compressor, graphic equalizer, vector scope, and waveform monitor, as well as advanced video de-interlacing. The Osprey-240 is also compatible with ViewCast?s Niagara SCX? software for remote encoder management and control over a network, and with ViewCast?s Osprey SimulStream?, which allows the output of multiple streams from a single channel input to multiple applications.

?The PCI-X bus, which was the highest data throughput technology until PCIe was introduced, is rapidly disappearing from PC motherboards, so the hundreds of thousands of Osprey cards installed in the market will need to be replaced when users upgrade their systems to faster CPUs requiring high-performance motherboards,? said David Stoner, president of ViewCast. ?The preferred bus technology, PCIe, is now supported by Osprey products that allow our existing users to upgrade their systems and their Osprey Video technology at the same time. By adding the advanced features provided in Osprey Aviator, we give existing customers and new Osprey users not only a higher-performance capture card, but also a more robust feature set when they upgrade their video capture systems.?

The Osprey-240 features Y/Pb/Pr inputs for component video sources, increased color space options and video formats, and support for embedded WSS (wide-screen signaling) flags, which allow the resulting video stream to adjust accordingly when content switches between wide-screen and full-screen resolutions, as when switching from movie content to a commercial break and then back to the movie. The Osprey-240 continues to support S-Video, composite, and both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio, allowing current Osprey users to maintain compatibility with their video sources as they migrate their capture solution forward.

A new feature called Source Channel ID allows users to specify color screens or colorbars when no video source is present, with a text overlay of up to 32 characters to identify the video source. The Osprey-240 provides more versatile closed-caption decoding and rendering options, advanced motion-adaptive de-interlacing and automatic on-the-fly detection of telecined content, and color-keyed, variable-transparency watermarking. The capture card offers a WDM/AVStream driver, hardware audio gain control, and audio loop-back for monitoring.

More information about the Osprey-240 and other ViewCast products is available online at www.viewcast.com.

About ViewCast
ViewCast develops video and audio communication products for delivering content dynamically via a variety of network types and protocols. These products include Osprey Video capture cards and Niagara video encoders/servers featuring Niagara SCX encoder management software. ViewCast products address the video capture, processing, and delivery requirements for a broad range of applications and markets.

ViewCast Corporation
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