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CINEGY AIR impacts on Swedish regional TV

For the past few years Cinegy Air, and in particular its low cost version Cinegy Air Express, has really made an impression on Swedish regional TV stations and today Cinegy Air systems are driving more then 10 Swedish local and regional TV stations and
Germany(4/12/2012) -

CINEGY AIR  impacts on Swedish regional TV


Munich 12th  April 2012: For the past  few  years Cinegy Air, and in particular its low cost version Cinegy Air Express, has really made an impression on Swedish regional TV stations and today Cinegy Air systems are driving more then 10 Swedish local and regional TV stations and the number continues to grow.


Cinegy Air Express offers smaller TV stations an unbeatable set of features that really help them raise the level of operation both in terms of quality and feature wise.


From normal scheduled playout to slow-motion playback - Cinegy Air Express does it all. Cinegy Air Express is the new entry-level version of the successful Cinegy Air product series that is used by hundreds of TV channels around the globe.


It has more features and capabilities than most other vendor’s solutions, which are also many times more expensive. Affordability is not just limited to the price of the software. Operating and maintaining Cinegy Air Express is considerably easier and less expensive than other existing solutions.


Regional broadcasters in Sweden always transmit to a number of different networks, whether it is digital cable, terrestrial or IPTV. By including high quality encoders and decoders for Mpeg2 transport streams in both mpeg2 and h.264. These channels no longer have to invest in separate encoders and decoders, they simply run their full automation and playout operation from Cinegy Air Express.


‘Cinegy Air Express offers a broad support of various file formats catering for the needs of regional broadcasters that  receives content in many different formats.’ Says Daniella Weigner Managing Director of Cinegy.


Along with Cinegy Air Express, Cinegy type the automated graphics engine, has also been added by some of regional broadcasters. This now means that all graphics can be inserted directly in the playout by using templates that are easy to use for the operators.


Swedish broadcaster VMTV, covering the western Mälardalen region was the first station to start using Cinegy Air with Cinegy Type.


                        “We are very happy with the potential that Cinegy Type gives VMTV. The automated process and use of templates makes it much easier for a small TV station like ours to operate even complex CG, because only the content, such as text, has to be changed. Anyone can do it.” Says Pär hemström, owner of VMTV


Cinegy Type allows the addition of multiple layers of automation controlled, template based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more. From simple ticker tapes and lower thirds to multi-layer character animations Cinegy Type includes a whole range of advanced effects and features. This new module addresses simple requirements such as logo insertion right through to complex branding with templated information and animated video plates.


At CTV, Karlskoga, the recent transition to Cinegy Air meant that they were able to start up the first Swedish local HDTV channel. Running fully on the local IPTV system after realizing the powerful encoder built in to Cinegy Air HD.


CTV run their playout in simulcast enabling any viewers without HDTV to receive the station also in SD, another in feature of Cinegy Air.


One of the latest additions to the growing number of Swedish Cinegy Air installations is Växjö Open Channel. They are one of the most active stations in the Open Channel network, producing both live and recorded content for the south Swedish market. Recently Växjö Open Channel deployed Cinegy Air Express HD with Cinegy Type CG.

" Cinegy Air and Cinegy Type has support in Sweden which is very important to us. Also the great file format support and the possibilities to integrate the system into our operations were key factors for us selecting Cinegy. For us the proven track record of Cinegy Air installations meant a lot. We only have a few operators here so stability and possibilities to remove manual operations is very important." Says Daniel Westerfgren of Växjö

"When going into the digital TV era, we know already that Cinegy has become the top choice for smaller broadcasters in Sweden, because of its fantastic set of features that comes all built into the system without additional costs. ..." says Anders Höög, Veritas Produktion Sweden. ‘It also stands at a price point were also the smaller TV stations can afford to use really great equipment without crashing the bank account. And even more important, with Cinegy AirExpress, customers get market leading encoding and decoding which is essential in the digital TV and it comes with the product, so no more investments in encoders and decoders. Sum that up and you have a great offer..."


 About Veritas Produktion

Veritas Produktion is based in Sweden and provides a consulting, technology and sales service for television and streaming video. The company is headed by Anders Höög, who has 20 years experience in broadcast engineering in Swedish Television. Together with a network of consultants with broad knowledge of broadcast, Veritas Produktion offers a complete package of services, design, installation, training, support and service. For more information visit www.veritasproduktion.se




About Cinegy


Cinegy is a world-leading R&D company, developing and engineering video, broadcast and OEM software solutions. Cinegy software encompasses every aspect of collaborative production, from ingest to editing to playout, all connected to an active archive with full digital asset management. It is modular and scalable; it can be applied to a wide variety of production environments of differing size, scope and purpose, from entry level to enterprise. Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, it is affordable, easily deployable and intuitive to use.

Cinegy’s application areas include: media workflow, media asset management, broadcast automation, newsroom integration, nonlinear editing, compositing and effects, MPEG technology / encoders/decoders and signal distribution and monitoring. For more information visit www.cinegy.com

Press contact for Cinegy:
Troy Patterson
Phone: +49-89-238853-64
Email: troy@cinegy.com


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