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Unruly Media Launches First Independent Viral Video Chart, ViralVideoChart.com

Compiling data from YouTube, MySpace and Google Video, the chart ensures that Web users catch the hottest online videos just as they begin to take off.
London(9/18/2006) -

Unruly Media today announced the launch of the world?s first comprehensive and independent online video chart, www.viralvideochart.com.

The brainchild of this London-based company, ViralVideoChart.com is an independent chart of the most popular videos on the world's top three video-sharing sites, YouTube, MySpace and Google Video.

While Google, YouTube and MySpace all publish lists of the videos most popular with their own users - rather like Virgin or Walmart might publish music charts based on their own sales data - no chart has attempted to combine data from all three sites in a credible way.

Scott Button, CEO of Unruly Media, believes that the chart will be a valuable resource to Web users looking for a quick fix of entertainment. ?Over three billion snack-sized videos are now being viewed every month on top video-sharing sites like YouTube, with millions more being added every month,? said Button. ?We wanted to bring the best of this stuff together in one place in an objective and authoritative way. From now on, if you want to know the number one video that people will be talking about tomorrow, you can find it on ViralVideoChart.com.?

Reminiscent of the way in which music charts analyze radio airplay, the chart is compiled by scouring millions of Web sites every day - 100,000 per hour or nearly 2,000 per minute - looking for new links and embedded videos on blogs and personal sites. The videos creating the most buzz are published every day, with weekly and monthly charts also available, plus an archive of previous number ones.

The creators of the site have been surprised by the broad range of content that the chart contains, from the usual clips of kids falling over to classic internet humour (Gary Brolsma, the author of 2004's ?Numa Numa' craze just released a new video). Trailers and premieres for large media corporations such as the new series of the Simpsons claimed the number one spot recently. There have even been video eulogies on the chart following the death of the much-admired Steve Irwin, and a spate of 9/11 footage and commentary since the anniversary.

Sarah Wood, one of the company's founders added, ?The chart provides a fascinating snapshot of a single day's cultural zeitgeist. Taken together, these snapshots will form a compelling archive of cultural moments. Just imagine how powerful it would have been if we had an archive of the top user-submitted video clips from the day that Kennedy was assassinated or the day the Berlin Wall came down? From now on, every major event gets such a companion-piece.?

Unruly Media has published facts and figures about the rise and rise of online video and compiled links to some of the all-time classic viral videos on www.viralvideochart.com/resource/blurb.html.

Unruly Media
Editorial Contact:
Scott Button