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StickyADS.tv introduces an innovative feature to fend off fraudulent traffic

London, UK(4/12/2016) -

StickyADS.tv, the leading multiscreen video ad tech company, has today announced its own plug and play pre-bid feature. This flexible and comprehensive feature has been designed to ensure efficient interoperability with top anti-fraud technologies. This new pre-bid feature, accessible to all StickyADS.tv’s clients and demand partners, is now integrated within its platform. Its aim is to significantly curb the volume of invalid traffic – especially bot traffic – by preemptively refusing to auction any invalidated impression across the global private video exchanges StickyADS.tv powers.

To kick off this anti-fraud feature, StickyADS.tv has chosen Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, to be its first partner. StickyADS.tv’s pre-bid solution leverages Integral Ad Science’s fraud detection script to actively isolate, categorise and exclude bot traffic in real-time, before the video ad auction starts. StickyADS.tv plans to integrate additional anti-fraud technology partners within its platform, to provide direct access to tailor-made solutions for all clients and demand partners.

“According to our latest global Media Quality Report, ad fraud is a critical issue as it impacts up to ten per cent of global video ad impressions. Publishers need advanced tools to combat invalid traffic, particularly bot traffic, and to maintain and maximise the value of their video inventory,” commented Niall Hogan, UK Managing Director at Integral Ad Science. “We are excited to be chosen as the first of StickyADS.tv’s preferred partners to help minimise the risk of invalid traffic within global private exchanges that StickyADS.tv powers.”

“StickyADS.tv’s publisher-centric approach has led us to develop our proprietary pre-bid feature, ensuring that buyers only access valid inventory and to maximise the video inventory value,” declared Hervé Brunet, CEO and Co-Founder at StickyADS.tv. “We now offer a comprehensive solution enabling all our clients and demand partners to trade on fraud-free video inventory. We are glad to start scaling this anti-fraud initiative with Integral Ad Science as they are among the most advanced fraud detection technology providers in the market.”

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